rubble and bolts

Happy President’s Day!  i’m going to put up pictures of past presidents and roll around in some money.   Inappropriate?

Hey, ever go to Sneaky Pete’s?  I know this kind of dates myself but around 2003-2004 we did a ton of events here, it seemed every Halloween and NYE was at Sneaky’s. It was inside the OTB on Central.   Well here’s what it looks like today (kiddo was a backseat photographer)

I knew that the OTB had been closed but I didn’t realize the whole building was being knocked down.    I remember (I think) when it was being built, or updated, in the early 80’s.

Moving on, running over a bolt sucks.   I was near Everett & 90 this weekend and met up with this badass:

This was stuck deep in my tire.   I’m thankful someone was able to help find a solution, but this thing is HUGE wtf was it doing in the middle of the road?  I realize I’m ranting but I’d feel more comfortable with the bolt if I knew i had driven through a construction zone or something.     I suppose I can always turn to one of my favorite quotes from John Bender in The Breakfast Club for solace:

“…screws fall out all the time, the world’s an imperfect place.”

Why don’t you just enjoy the top 15 Benders to ease into your President’s Day?



  1. I was driving on campus at work last year and ran over something small…then felt the air go out of one of my rear tires. When AAA came to change it out I learned that there was half of an old rusty pair of scissors embedded in my tire. How does THAT end up in the road, and did the other half end up in someone else’s tire?

    • Scissors in the road sounds like the beginning to a Law & Order episode. Always something interesting popping up in 518 roads!

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