tights or pantyhose?

I went to a wedding this past Saturday and sported my new favorite little black dress.  It was the perfect cut, had beautiful pearl detailing, made me look skinnier than I actually am but somehow still made me appear to have an ass, all for $50.   I paired it with this adorable gray toned leopard print wrap.  Thank you Macy’s clearance rack.   This is an incredibly attractive dressing room shot:

I have a pair of black platform pumps but couldn’t decide if I should wear black tights

or pantyhose.

I’m a tights girl for the most part but I’ve worn pantyhose in the past for formal events…sorry I’m Irish and pale, bare legs are only for May-August.   I cringe when I hear pantyhose but I think it’s because it involves the word “panty” and I hate for that word.   Anyway, I spent so much time trying to decide between tights and hose, it was embarrassing, so what would you have worn?


  1. I would probably stay away from the black tights just because the dress is black and I wouldn’t want to look like I was wearing a suit of black. I normally don’t wear pantyhose because I don’t really like the shine some pantyhose gives off and, despite being able to buy matte pantyhose, I think that if your skin is in good shape then there’s not too much need for it! But I understand why some women might swear by it and frown upon others who don’t wear it.

    Mel. x


  2. I say option 4 and go with black hose with a line up the back.

  3. i have this dilemma alot as well. when i’m cold my legs start turning purple at the knees (like if someone is cold) and im generally a chillyish person. i go through this every time!


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