my belated present to me

I cannot believe it’s April already.   I feel like I’ve been moving nonstop since the beginning of the year.   Right before Christmas I mentioned I wanted to gift myself a little something.   I decided pretty quickly I wanted the Naked palette but didn’t have time to get to Sephora until this past weekend.   Yea, yea I know I could’ve ordered it online but I wanted to compare the Naked and Naked2 palettes side by side.   Naked won for me.

When I was out and about on my late shopping excursion I was drawn to the hat section of a store because  I’m easily distracted it’s never too early to get ready for Saratoga.  I fell in love with this fascinator.   I wish I was British and had a reason to wear it.

Until I find a reason to sport UK headpieces in the office I’ll have to settle for the topknot.  I’m obsessed with wearing the big ass bun lately (with a bright orange flower.)

Here’s my little bun secret, this $5 gem:

This thing rules.   Basically you take a ponytail.  Take this spongy thing and slide it to the end of the pony (like end of your hair) and then wrap the ends around it and roll the hair and the sponge to your scalp.  Voila…perfect bun.   Don’t wanna drop $5?   A scrunchie will also do the trick.


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