prima ballerina

It’s been a loooooong time since I went to the gym.  At least 6 months.   I can break out the busy war cry, but I think I just got tired of the gym.  I’ve been working out at home, but I just don’t seem to push myself as hard.  Let’s be honest when your location to work out includes a couch, there are certain bad decisions that will be made.   I know I need to join somewhere new but I’m looking for something different.   I keep hearing about classes that incorporate ballet movements as a way of staying fit  kicking your ass.   I want in!  I did ballet for 3 years and “retired’ at the ripe old age of 8, so I’m definitely staring down a challenge here.   I’m hoping to find a place in the 518 that has a ballet inspired fitness class that will be TOUGH, but also forgiving to someone who barely remembers the five positions.   Make me sweat,make me sore,  but don’t make me feel embarrassed because I’m not a ballerina.

Here’s what I’ve found locally so far.   If you know of another place, or can weigh in on some of these locations I’d love to hear!

Albany Dance & Fitness


Yea, short list, but I’m still on the hunt.  Hoping to lock in a place this week or next and experience a new way of working out!



  1. I wanted to try this at my gym but they cancelled it before I could get my ass to it. I’d love to take a class like this.

  2. I’d love to take a class like this. Thanks for posting these options, it’s on my to do list to find out!

  3. Nechama Lilach says:

    I’m also looking for ballet classes in Albany. I’ve taken a semester of ballet so far, and I don’t think ballet-inspired workouts are really necessary–ballet itself is tough enough! Thanks for sharing what you’ve found so far.

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