i miss makeup

My face seriously feels naked.  Well, it hurts and feels naked.   I woke up on Monday with swollen eyelids.   It looked like a baby had punched me in each eye.    Figured it was probably best to steer clear of makeup in general, so I embraced my lazy side and went all out.   No makeup, hoody, I definitely got some funny looks at the office:

I figured if I took it easy my eyes wouldn’t be all puffy on Tuesday.  Wrong.  They were swollen, red, and dry. Score!  Went makeup free again, felt all naked.     Woke up this morning and while they’re better…they’re still kind of swollen and dry.    I don’t mind going makeup free in front of co-workers, I work on the radio, no one sees me.   But today I’ve got tons of meetings and I definitely look like a hot mess sans makeup.    Do you feel naked without makeup?  Am I the only one who has that bizarre feeling?


  1. I never leave home without makeup. Sad reality. I don’t even wear that much but without Bare Escentuals, eye liner and mascara, I don’t like to be seen in public.
    So yeah, I know that feeling.

    • ashallann says:

      I’ve always wanted to try Bare Escentuals..do you love it?

      • I do but with a caveat, it must be applied with a very, very light hand. When I first used it, if I had a blemish or was extra ruddy that day, I thought more would be the key to looking flawless. Wrong. More is the key to looking like a cakey oompa loompa. But a very light hand evens out my skin tone and I look like I have bare skin.

        Because, after all, isn’t that why we wear make up? So we can pretend to be naturally flawless? 🙂

  2. Don’t wear makeup…in fact never have. lol But I think you all (the women of the world) look find with or without it.

    Be encouraged

  3. I wear minimal make-up to begin with so I don’t feel naked if I don’t wear any…but right now my allergies are making me not have a choice in the matter and that’s a weird feeling. I’ve actually wanted to lately, but can’t.

  4. I just started wearing Bare Escentuals in January and I wish I had started years ago. I’m 51 and I thought I couldn’t use BE due to having drier skin now. I was completely wrong! (Oops–trying not to sound like a paid spokeswoman.)

    Even expensive liquid foundations emphasized fine lines and wrinkles and made me look older than I was, as did powder. But I need foundation to cover rosacea and brown spots. BE comes with the best concealer I have ever used. It even covers two scars from a bad fall a few years back. There is a good starter kit that includes foundation, concealer, “warmth” (sort of a bronzer) and “mineral veil” (a finishing powder), three brushes, brush cleaner, and an instructional DVD for $60. That’s a good price considering what expensive foundations sells for at Sephora.

    I will never use anything else. I swear I was NOT paid to write that. It’s just that I am NOT photogenic but I looked decent in some recent pictures and that makeup deserves the credit.

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