the a butt dial

I’ve mentioned my insomnia at least a thousand times.   Falling asleep is difficult for me, staying asleep is even worse, but when the stars align I can fall asleep fast and hard.   Last night was one of those sleep nights, it was amazing…until you f*cking call me at 12:30am.   

Someone with a 917 number called me in the middle of an awesome dream (probably about sparkles and puppies.)   I have a new phone and I have no idea who it is, although I’m sure it’s someone I know.   I’ve found that with a name that starts with A I’m often at the top of my friend’s contact lists, not because I’m awesome, just an alphabetical default.   This priority location of my name in your phone means I’m usually the first person you accidentally dial if you’re awkwardly fumbling with your phone in your purse or pocked or if you ass dial.   I’m a lucky girl.    I will say it does provide me with amazing voicemail blackmail.

I say this on behalf of all the people in the first position of your contact list, move them down to a B name, unless you hate them, remove them from the first position contact.   Or you could just lock your sh*t up.

Maybe I’ll change my name to Zoe to avoid this in the future.


  1. Zoe, best wishes on the identity…let me know how that works out for you.

    Be encouraged!

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