burger & fries

I love portobello mushrooms. Love. Last night I whipped up some portobello mushrooms “burgers”, and homemade baked French fries. F*cking delicious and insanely easy.


mushroom burgers

heat about 1/4 c of organic vegetable broth in a large pan on the stovetop.

Add 1/2 small onion and one chopped garlic clove. Heat on high for 2 minutes.

Add 3tbsp balsamic vinegar, dash of thyme, dash of basil, turn heat to medium and add 2 portobello mushroom caps (stems removed.) heat for 5 minutes covered.


Heat oven to 425. Wash 2 large potatoes. Chop to desired thickness. Mix potato sticks with a a a tbsp of olive oil and sea salt and cracked pepper as desired. Bake for about 30 minutes flipping the fries during the last 10 minutes.




  1. That looks so good. I wish I could trick my guy into eating that. I love portabella burgers.


  1. […] mushroom burgers with sweet potato fries and fresh kale.   Housed that meal.    I used this recipe with a few modifications.  I added in about 1/2 tablespoon of agave to the balsamic vinegar to […]

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