nom – snackle mouth

Twitter is pretty amazing sometimes.   A few weeks ago after a stop into Fresh Market I tweeted something and almost instantly got this response:

No, it wasn’t from Fresh Market, but another product that I had actually seen at the store during that trip.   I had noticed Snackle Mouth by the checkout but didn’t really take much time to investigate what it was.   Honestly, good packaging had grabbed my eye.  Perfect timing!  The convo continued

I’m all for “something special” when it comes to food (and vegan at that) so the next time I was at Fresh Market I picked up a box, snapped my pic, and enjoyed Snackle Mouth:

The Almond Maple Pecan was amazing.   Not too sweet, not too heavy, it’s a great snack.   If I wasn’t so greedy (aka had better portion control) I bet I could make a box last a few days.   This one lasted an afternoon.   Awesome.

Anyway I had forgotten that I had sent a pic to Snackle Mouth and was so excited to discover my little package from them for taking the pic, it showed up last Friday:

Mmmmmm.    This was some serious snacking.   I wanted to take a pic of the delicious clusters, but my offer to co-workers meant the Snackle Mouth was gone pretty quickly.   The top 2 faves were the Salty Chocolate and Almond Berry.    Great office snack.

I’m stoked to have found Snackle Mouth.   Sure they sent me some freebies but I’ve purchased several boxes (about $3.50 for a 5oz box) and can honestly say I’m a fan.  It’s just good.   When I’m trying hard at my vegan experiment, it’s great to know that there’s a yummy snack I can turn to.   And for my non-vegan bacon loving fans, check this out:

BACON SNACKLE MOUTH.   Wow.    Bacon Snackle Mouth pic via The Daily Bacon

Happy snacking!!


  1. I often see snack stuff in the store, but I never want to buy it because what if it sucks? Thanks for letting me know it doesn’t! I’ll be sure to pick some up.

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