the hunt for the smirnoff sequin dress

I swear, every time I turn on the tv this commercial is running:

While the flavored vodka does sound amazing, what I’m really craving is the navy blue sequin top  dress that the actress, Roxanne McKee, is wearing in the commercial.

I need this topdress  Navy sequins, a longer fit, deep v, short sleeves (that look to be a little longer too) I’ve been searching for it for days!  It’s not a dress, too short for that, maybe a tunic?

Update!  It is a dress!  After tweeting Smirnoff they were kind enough to provide this info:

So it IS  a dress.  French Connection Samantha is what you need to be on the lookout for:

A few quick searches for the French Connection sequin Samantha dress came up with a bunch of different results

You could purchase Kris Jenner’s off Ebay:

You could get this gold version at Saks for $89 !!!

Or this green version from Bloomingdales for almost $300

If you google “French Connection Samantha” you’ll find tons of different versions.   Happy shopping!!!

Below you’ll find my attempts at finding the look before I knew what it was (thought it was a top)


I’ve searched everywhere and haven’t found the exact one yet, but each of these are close:

This DKNY top ($62.99 on Zappos) is slightly similar, comes in black and a royal blue.  I almost wish they could combine the black and royal blue to get closer to the navy but sadly this is interwebs shopping, not Photoshop, can’t adjust the hue.

This Tinley Road Peplum Top ($79 on Piperlime) is another that’s kinda sorta similar, but not spot on:

A black sequin deep v version ($52.99 at Macy’s)

This cowl neck sequin top seems to have the length and the fit of the shirt  I’m looking for, but not the color.  ($45.99 at Macy’s)

I thought for sure I’d find the top on Polyvore instead I found these bad boys.   Sequin jeans shorts?  Really?

In addition to the hot shorts, I did come across a few more amazing tops.   This Oleg Cassani Vintage top ($413.36 on Farfetch)

This navy Aquilano Rimondi sequin top ($555.08 on Farfetch)

I’ll keep searching, if you spot anything similar hit me with a link.


  1. I LOVE sparkly tops! I also love a good challenge so now I’ll be forced to help you track down this shirt! 😉 Too bad that vintage one is so dang expensive, it’s a pretty close match!

    • Yay! I’m really hoping something similar exists. I even tweeted Smirnoff to see if they could help locate it, waiting to see if they have anything. I will find something. The vintage tops are so beautiful but I can’t ever fathom spending $500 on a top. Here’s to sparkly things!

  2. I was all over the place looking for this top this weekend, I’ll be checking back to see if you find it.

  3. i think this is a dress

  4. i thought it was a top to. really cute dress hope i can find it, everywhere seems to be sold out online

    • The short sleeve blue sequin one definitely looks to be tricky to find, I’m not sure if it actually exists or if a long sleeve blue one was altered for the commercial. Happy shopping!

  5. Laura Bronner says:

    You should post it on! Someone will find it for you.

  6. Thank you so much for searching and finding this for us! We’re on the waitlist at Saks 🙂

  7. It is not on their website, the closes thing is the moonray dress. I hope this is correct. When I search samantha nothing similar to it appears.

  8. Jumped the gun there folks. But ebay is full of them, they were just on sale for 99$ on french connection, I be the second the commercial came out they sold out. But they are not that expensive, well to me. Again they are all over ebay.

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