a million dollars

Should you ever come across a million dollars I’ve found some amazing ways for you to spend it !

2012 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

World’s Most Expensive Dress

$32,000 cocktail

Jil Sander’s paper bag

$250,000 Black Diamond Nail Polish

Million Dollar bra

$13,000 moisturizer

Louis Vuitton Jelly Bag

World’s Most Expensive Flash Drive

$10,000 Chocolate Egg

Crystal Bicycle

Most Expensive Watch

Crystal & Gold mixer

$5,000 nail polish

Jeweled Gloves

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Apartment

World’s Most Expensive Mattress

Blinged out Starbucks cup

Gold & Diamond Macbook Pro

World’s Most Expensive Perfume

Ruby and Diamond Golf Clubs

Diamond Golf Ball

Crystal Headphones 

Gold Sunglasses

Diamond Pens

Crystal Mascara

$67k Necklace

Gold Shoes

Mega Rings

Chanel Skis


  1. very interesting information! .

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