bag sniffing dj’s

I don’t own a Louis Vuitton, but I love the way they smell.  We’re giving away designer bags on the radio station I run starting next week.  Shopping for the bags was amazing.  Having the bags delivered has been even more amazing.

louis vuitton speedy 30

So of course I have to ooh and ahh over it when it’s delivered because odds are good I won’t be dropping $800 on a bag anytime soon.   Oh yea, I also sniffed it:

sniffing a louis vuitton

Whatevs, it’s amazing, it smells like rich.

When my bag sniffing experience was over I was excited to discover a package on my desk.  I usually get cd’s, and more cd’s and sometimes rum, so a square box is kind of good find:

myster package


miss grace lemon cake

I’m all about food, especially lemon cake:

lemon cake

Then I noticed this little note on the package, duh, of course I want to know who sent me lemony deliciousness!




Even before he sent me snacks, Skywalker is one of my favorite dj’s ever.   So sweet.  Here’s to some fun deliveries to you this holiday season!

minty fresh

I discovered an Etsy shop at a craft fair.  Slightly backwards, right?    I was wandering through a sea of crocheted and sparkled items over the weekend when I spotted a table full of lotions, soaps and homemade body sprays and hot hooked.   For $6 I walked away with this amazing peppermint lotion:

I’ve been obsessed with it all week, the scent is just right (not overpowering at all) the texture of the lotion is perfection, I’ve been pushing it on my co-workers in my cube all week.   I’m so glad I found this shop, I’m definitely picking more up for the holidays.   Euphoria Soap is the name of the shop and there’s tons of goodies in there.   Hello , Fat Girls Delight Soap?  I would totally want to eat this in the shower!

Got a favorite etsy shop?  Would love to hear about it!   How did you discover them?

the first ring i don’t want

I love a good ring, but I want nothing to do with this one.   Say hello to the anti-cheating ring from The Cheeky:

This ring doesn’t have any sparkle, but it does leave a pretty obvious imprint on the wearer’s hand to prevent cheating:

For a mere $550 you can get peace of mind that the cheater in your life won’t get very far with imprints on their ring finger that they’re married.

Maybe this will have an impact on those ever soaring divorce rates?   While I have no need for an anti cheating ring, if one had the ability to create ANY message inside the ring, this could be an awesome revenge tactic.   Imagine giving this to a frenemy with the word DOUCHEBAG inside?

Alright, alright.  Instead of focusing on the negative, how about some fabulous & positive Etsy loves as of late?

cakes and flowers

Manfriend’s birthday was over the weekend.   He requested a chocolate raspberry cake.  At first I thought that would be insanely involved and difficult, but really it was chocolate cake + chocolate frosting + raspberry extract in some of the cake and some of the frosting + fresh raspberries =

Chocolate Raspberry Awesomness.    Yea this wasn’t vegan either.  I had a giant vegan fail this weekend.  Epic.

So that love holiday is all up in our faces tomorrow.   Funny thing, manfriend’s birthday kinda sorta coincides with our
anniversary-ish so we’re 12 years deep into this romance.  We still celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Kind of.  The first few years he was johnny on the spot with the most beautiful flowers, roses that would bring a tear to your eye.   Then something interesting started happening.   I started getting flowers on the 13th.   At first I chalked it up to a busy guy who couldn’t get his dates straight.   Nope.  When I asked him about the early floral delivery he was dead-honest:


“It’s cheaper the day before, even cheaper on the 15th”

Romance isn’t dead, it’s just a little early (or late.)