i’ve been distracted

So the lovely Krystal inspired me to update my little blog.  I love my corner of the web but I’ve just been distracted with work, family stuff, feeling chubby and scruffy.   So here’s what’s up.

I can explain the chubby part.  Snacks.  I really try hard to stay away from sweets but when I fail I fail hard.  I tried a bite of a Cadbury Cream Egg BAR that someone sent to the station.  Yes, a whole bar o’Cadbury Egg, that’s how they roll in the UK.   I’m pretty sure this bite sized piece had about 2,000 calories, and totally not vegan.   It was amazing.


When the circus came through we checked it out from the nosebleed section at the TU.  Seriously if you ever want the best seat in the house, go upper level, it was awesome.


I celebrated my birthday, so lucky!


I discovered a crazy, yet functional moss purse.   The ultimate spring accessory. 20120518-232803.jpg

Of course I sparkled more stuff. Here’s some color blocked frames


Made some delicious vegan meals.   Arugula, squash and mushrooms.   Awesome!


Made a quick trip to the city.   Managed to find the beauty in cabs.


Bought a rock bracelet, made me feel like Shera, Princess of Power.


Discovered a delicious vegan snack.  Housed this


Fit into an 8 year old t-shirt.  No really, that’s amazing that it still fits.  My metabolism was on warp speed 8 years ago.


Enjoyed Mother’s Day with the cutest cake ever (I only had a taste.)


Discovered some radio audio gems in my desk.  FLY92 from the early 90’s.  Listen here.


Discovered my new favorite beer (and I hate beer) Shipyard Applehead (apple beer!!!_


Frightened a Starbucks drive-thru peep with this crazy ass knot I got stuck in my hair while trying to rearrange my ponytail.   I know, I know, I shouldn’t be a lazy drive-thru user.


Fell more in love with my orange mani.   Tangerine Tango may be my favorite color of the year yet!!


Became more obsessed with this song.   Watch the video.  Love love love it.


Rocked my 7th grade basketball jersey during dropoff.   I’m too sexy for real grown up clothes before 9:30am.


Aand re-embarked on the summer spray tan.  The foot positions always remind me of a dance chart, now you’ll think of it to the next time you’re nekkid in a Mystic booth.


what lurks in the phone

Most of the pics I post on this here bloggy are from my iPhone (digital cameras like to break on me) but I thought this was a cute little link up. What else is lurking in my phone from the last week?

Did some coloring with the kid at religion. It’s St. Nick


Enjoyed the christmas decor at Kimberly’s


Don’t think I’ve seen a feather wreath before but I like !


Fooled around with a pic of manfriend and I


Enjoyed some VIP seating with work friends at the holiday party (right next to the buffet)


And partied at Club Element


ilisten – july

I listen to a lot of music throughout the day, at work, at the gym (need to get there more often) at home, in the car.  YES I encourage you to listen to your local radio stations, but I know that every once in awhile we listen to our iPods or whatever.   I thought it would be fun to check in on my 25 most played once a month.  Click here to see my June iListen, and below is July’s:

Some of my faves this month

George Michael “Freedom” (loved that video)

Florence + the Machine “Cosmic Love”

Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good”  (I actually took this screenshot on 7/21 so this is sad, loved  listening to her, I was in a Winehouse mood in July)

Jennifer Paige “Crush”  (totally random song from the late 90s, great beat to run to though)

Zack Hemsey “Mind Heist” (from the movie Inception)

I’d LOVE to see what your 25 most played are, I’ve made my first linky so I hope maybe at least 1 person might link up!  I love seeing what people are listening to and discovering (or rediscovering) great music!

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what i’m loving wednesday

I’m loving that manfriend is starting to feel better.  He’s been fighting a fierce mung (that’s my word for sickness) since Saturday.

I’m loving that we got to take kiddo to see the last Harry Potter this past weekend.  He loves the books and it was amazing to experience the finale with him.

I’m loving apple chicken sausage, seriously, I cannot get enough of this stuff!

I’m loving that What I’m Loving Wednesday links helped me discover one of the most beautiful blogs, Katie’s Keepers.

I’m loving that my station did quite well in our latest ratings, yay!

I’m loving that a trip to Tampa appears to be in our future, for whatever reason I’ve been missing that place hardcore.

I’m still loving the Keith Urban show last Saturday, and the fact that he hugged me !!!

I’m loving that work is free of unnecessary stress and drama!!!  🙂

I’m loving that my mom enjoyed kiddo’s First Communion DVD.

I’m loving the heat in our area (reminds me of Florida.)