starlite, starbright

I heard a rumor that the now defunct Starlite Music Theatre was going to be demolished.   The former concert hall has been essentially abandoned since 1998 and is almost invisible from it’s location off Rt. 9 in Latham.   Starlite has warm memories for me, I remember seeing my first concert there, Smokey Robinson.   Starlite was also the location of my parent’s first date.   I always smile when I drive past, and when I heard it was going to be knocked down I decided to visit one last time.   There’s no greater photoset of the Starlite than Sebastien Barre’s, this is not a serious photo doc (hello I’m using an iPhone) but more so a little account of what I saw:

Outside of the ampitheater

And the most amazing part(s) inside the ampitheater

I can’t believe 14+ years later the rigging’s still there

One of many empty buildings

A collapsed open area




I remember hearing that the last event at the Starlite was the Shaker High School 1998 graduation.  Imagine my surprise when I found this (I sanitized my hands for days)

my iphone hates me

So I broke down and got a new iPhone about 2 weeks ago, my old one was shutting off all the time.  I was missing texts and emails from people so I decided to move on to the iPhone 4S.   Awesome, until this morning.   Suddenly I can’t play music without earbuds…my rant is below.   I can’t seem to find a fix.  Can you help me?



So this afternoon is my last day on air at my country station, 104.9 The Cat.   I’m really excited about new opportunities but I’m always sad to leave a station.  This station launched in Feb. of 2010 and I joined in May of that year and it’s been a fantastic station to be a part of.    Despite the fact that it’s a smaller station (radio stations have different power capabilities) it has kicked some major ass!  A lot of formats have appeared on this frequency over the years but this is one of the more successful brands.  Country works!

I had the chance to broadcast at Wolf’s 1-11 Arena Sports Grill before the Rascal Flatts show at the TU last night and it was so awesome to hear from listeners how much they love the station, warms my cold little heart.    I’m not only on the air, I also manage the station so it’s kind of like a little radio baby.   Of course I want to hear that people like it!

Some of my favorite moments from 104.9 The Cat include, debuting our mascot…Cooter.  Yup, Cooter.   My old manager named him.  People love meeting him, seriously.

Throwing an amazing FREE first birthday show for the station with Jaron & The Long Road to Love (or you may remember him as Evan & Jaron from the 2000’s)

Seeing smelling & meeting Keith Urban, amazing show.  Go see him live stat!

Most of all watching the station grow has been the most rewarding.   I’m still working behind the scenes on the station while a replacement is found.   I’m staying with the same company, in the same building, just moving to a different station  that’s literally the studio next door to mine.  Super excited about my new opportunity but I’ll miss 104.9 The Cat.

In 14 years in radio (I started when I was 17) I’ve worked physically at 5 stations, been heard on about 20 stations, I’ve had about 9 different managers and easily 200 co-workers.    Always change, but I’m sure it’s the same at any other job.


the big o for your brain

Every once in awhile I’ll get stuck in a Youtube wormhole.  I’ll be searching for reiki or meditation videos, and somehow I’ll stumble on some pretty random stuff.   I found this video a few weeks ago by accident, but it was so relaxing:

It’s essentially a head massage, but I was struck by the user’s name.  ASMR Massage.  I was curious what ASMR stood for.  I found my answer at the ASMR Research & Support site:

” Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs.”

Ok, that description sounds a little creepy, but basically it’s like the warm fuzzies in your head.  We’ve all had those before right?   Personally I experience this sensation when listening to certain sounds, people painting, tapping their nails, using an ink pen on heavy weighted paper.  It’s not always sounds,  I used to love having people play with my hair when I was little, shoot I’d probably pay someone to play with my hair now.  It’s relaxing!   I’ve become completely fascinated with ASMR.    You know what’s a great example of ASMR?   Bob Ross.   The painter.   Happy little trees:

Give it a try sometime, search ASMR on youtube, you’re bound to find something you enjoy, and they’re just essentially audio triggers.