10 more things

Because sometimes I love 10 little moments to be selfish and think about sh*t I like.   Found via bakinginmybathingsuit.

1) Favorite Color: Gotta love the green!

2) Favorite Animal: I’ve also had a soft spot for penguins, I blame a trip to the Boston Aquarium (that’s what I call it) when I was 5.

3) Favorite Number: I don’t have a favorite number, I’m just not crazy about 13, trying to dial that down a bit.

4) Favorite (non-adult) drink:  Metromint water (try the lemon) or Diet Dr. Pepper

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.   Short.  Sweet.   Not too many pictures of uteruses, I’m down.

6) Passion:  Other than that whole manfriend or mother thing I suppose spotting celebs before they were famous in Sex and the City.   I should really keep a journal on this.

7) Giving or receiving presents?  I love giving gifts that people love and receiving compliments, wrong but true.

8) Favorite Pattern:  Is paisley back in yet?  I love a unique plaid.

9) Favorite Day: Saturdays or Sundays, not too much work and lots of family time, and Mad Men

10) Favorite Flower:  the kind that come in a large bouquet that make other people jealous.  Like this one, manfriend.  Or this one.   (I also like lilacs.)


let it shine

Blah, blah, blah I like to sparkle things, blah, blah.   I made a fab picture frame over the weekend, pretty cheap.   While wandering through Michael’s looking for glue I stumbled upon their unfinished wood products.   From letters to shelves they have tons of stuff, including super cheap picture frames.  I think it was under $2.    So I turned this:

Into this:

It’s super easy.   Frame + glue + paintbrush + sparkles = sparkly things.   Done.    Now I’m not saying I’m amazing, but I think this looks pretty cool.   If this was sitting on a shelf at Pier One you know there are some ladies who would pay $ for this.  Not saying I’m selling anything, I just thought it looked pretty decent.  Anyway,  I decided to put this up at work (still need to find a good picture to put in it) and tossed this sparkled up wreath thing too:

Hey, you can’t have too many crystals!  I started on an unfinished wood mirror too, decided to jewel tone that out.  One color sparkles look way better, but it’s given me a few ideas:

I’ve got a whole tub of shine here so who knows what I’ll sparkle up next:

head north

Are you there winter?   No?  Ok, that’s cool.

The mild winter has been fun, but I know my kid has been pissed.   He’s a kid, of course he wants tons of snow!    This grass in February stuff isn’t cool.   To give him something of a little winter experience his dad and I brought him up to Saranac Lake this weekend.   It’s the Adirondacks, they must be slammed with snow?   Nope.   But it was still pretty cool.

Manfriend’s brother helps construct the ice castle for The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival so we got to get a little preview of the awesomeness:



Really amazing stuff.   I believe the Winter Carnival kicks off this weekend and runs through next.   Weather permitting the ice castle should be open for the next 30 days.   The theme this year is space invasion and there are a lot of amazing space craft ice creations…2 1/2 hours away from Albany…definitely worth the drive.

After we checked out the castle we wandered into Lake Placid for a bit..walked out onto the lake, enjoyed the day.   Then manfriend’s bro took us to a relatively secluded frozen lake, it was pretty breathtaking at dusk (sorry for the choppiness, it’s a crappy panorama app on my iPhone):


Not a ton of snow in the Adirondacks right now, but still beautiful to see.   That’s what I love about living in Albany.   Jump in the car, drive about 2 1/2 hours south and you’re in the city.   Drive about 2 1/2 hours north, you’re deep in the Adirondacks.   NYS may annoy the crap out of me sometimes, but it’s got range.


So this afternoon is my last day on air at my country station, 104.9 The Cat.   I’m really excited about new opportunities but I’m always sad to leave a station.  This station launched in Feb. of 2010 and I joined in May of that year and it’s been a fantastic station to be a part of.    Despite the fact that it’s a smaller station (radio stations have different power capabilities) it has kicked some major ass!  A lot of formats have appeared on this frequency over the years but this is one of the more successful brands.  Country works!

I had the chance to broadcast at Wolf’s 1-11 Arena Sports Grill before the Rascal Flatts show at the TU last night and it was so awesome to hear from listeners how much they love the station, warms my cold little heart.    I’m not only on the air, I also manage the station so it’s kind of like a little radio baby.   Of course I want to hear that people like it!

Some of my favorite moments from 104.9 The Cat include, debuting our mascot…Cooter.  Yup, Cooter.   My old manager named him.  People love meeting him, seriously.

Throwing an amazing FREE first birthday show for the station with Jaron & The Long Road to Love (or you may remember him as Evan & Jaron from the 2000’s)

Seeing smelling & meeting Keith Urban, amazing show.  Go see him live stat!

Most of all watching the station grow has been the most rewarding.   I’m still working behind the scenes on the station while a replacement is found.   I’m staying with the same company, in the same building, just moving to a different station  that’s literally the studio next door to mine.  Super excited about my new opportunity but I’ll miss 104.9 The Cat.

In 14 years in radio (I started when I was 17) I’ve worked physically at 5 stations, been heard on about 20 stations, I’ve had about 9 different managers and easily 200 co-workers.    Always change, but I’m sure it’s the same at any other job.