i’ve been distracted

So the lovely Krystal inspired me to update my little blog.  I love my corner of the web but I’ve just been distracted with work, family stuff, feeling chubby and scruffy.   So here’s what’s up.

I can explain the chubby part.  Snacks.  I really try hard to stay away from sweets but when I fail I fail hard.  I tried a bite of a Cadbury Cream Egg BAR that someone sent to the station.  Yes, a whole bar o’Cadbury Egg, that’s how they roll in the UK.   I’m pretty sure this bite sized piece had about 2,000 calories, and totally not vegan.   It was amazing.


When the circus came through we checked it out from the nosebleed section at the TU.  Seriously if you ever want the best seat in the house, go upper level, it was awesome.


I celebrated my birthday, so lucky!


I discovered a crazy, yet functional moss purse.   The ultimate spring accessory. 20120518-232803.jpg

Of course I sparkled more stuff. Here’s some color blocked frames


Made some delicious vegan meals.   Arugula, squash and mushrooms.   Awesome!


Made a quick trip to the city.   Managed to find the beauty in cabs.


Bought a rock bracelet, made me feel like Shera, Princess of Power.


Discovered a delicious vegan snack.  Housed this


Fit into an 8 year old t-shirt.  No really, that’s amazing that it still fits.  My metabolism was on warp speed 8 years ago.


Enjoyed Mother’s Day with the cutest cake ever (I only had a taste.)


Discovered some radio audio gems in my desk.  FLY92 from the early 90’s.  Listen here.


Discovered my new favorite beer (and I hate beer) Shipyard Applehead (apple beer!!!_


Frightened a Starbucks drive-thru peep with this crazy ass knot I got stuck in my hair while trying to rearrange my ponytail.   I know, I know, I shouldn’t be a lazy drive-thru user.


Fell more in love with my orange mani.   Tangerine Tango may be my favorite color of the year yet!!


Became more obsessed with this song.   Watch the video.  Love love love it.


Rocked my 7th grade basketball jersey during dropoff.   I’m too sexy for real grown up clothes before 9:30am.


Aand re-embarked on the summer spray tan.  The foot positions always remind me of a dance chart, now you’ll think of it to the next time you’re nekkid in a Mystic booth.


thank you, have a great day!

I really dislike people who refuse to get off their cell phones when checking out at a store.   A  word that starts with douche and ends with bag works for folks like that.  Yes, your phone call may be important, but take  a hot 30 second break from your chat-fest to acknowledge the person assisting you.   Better yet, get off the phone and say, “thank you.”   I know it’s a crazy concept to grasp.

Honestly I’m always shocked by the lack of thank-you’s during the day, especially in stores.  If you’re helping me, answering a question, serving me food, or checking me out,  you’re pretty much guaranteed, “thanks, have a great day!”   Even if you’re snippy.   Why?   I worked in retail in college and people could be so rude, I just felt like a doormat by the end of the day.   Whenever a customer would say a simple, “thank you” it made me feel slightly recharged.   I can’t guarantee that the people on the receiving end of my thanks have the same feeling, but they always seem surprised and smile.    Give it a whirl, I guarantee it’ll be welcomed.

Thanks.   Have a great day.


I miss phone calls!   Am I the only one?   Texting is fantastic and efficient but I miss talking to my friends.  I honestly think I have 2 friends right now who would answer the phone if I called.   At least some text back if I do call to see what’s up, but many calls seem to end up in the voicemail abyss.   I know folks still know how to use the phone because people call the radio station all day for contests or requests, but do you still call friends to converse?    How many times a year do you think you have conversations with friends?

Sidenote, I totally have a rotary phone in my house (sadly it’s brown not pink) and the first time I dug it out my kid had NO clue how to use it.   It was hilarious to see him attempt to dial a number.   Kid knows how to edit a movie on iMovie but couldn’t dial a rotary phone.   We finally taught him.   Pretty sure he finds rotary dialing to be a waste of time.

panic attacks

Panic attacks, anxiety attacks…whatever you call them they suck hard like a straw in a Wendy’s frosty.

I experienced my first full blown panic attack in February of 2010.  I was driving home from my second job on a Friday night in the middle of a snow squall and was having trouble breathing, my inhaler wasn’t helping.   I remember making a panicked call to manfriend begging him to come pick me up because I didn’t think I could drive any further.   I pulled over by the airport  because I thought I was going to pass out.  Soon it felt as if I couldn’t breathe at all, my arms went numb and my feet went numb I honestly thought  I was having a heart attack…because I have a condition where that is possible (but rare) I hung up with him and dialed 911.    After an embarrassing $840 ambulance ride and hours in the ER and CT scans and xrays and blood work I was told there was nothing wrong with me.   Score.   While thankful and blessed I was also incredibly frustrated because the symptoms I’d experienced were real.

After this incident I had many conversations with my doctor.    It became clear I had experienced a panic attack.  I knew there were some elements in my life I needed to change so I altered my diet, changed my mindset, I even switched jobs.   Things had been going flawlessly until this past Friday when – BAM- anxiety attack.   I was driving into work and suddenly couldn’t breathe.  I pulled into my office’s parking lot and just couldn’t focus, I felt like I was going to pass out.    It took all my will power to  walk into the office.   I felt like I was going to keel over.    I wanted to scream, I wanted to breathe, I just wanted to feel normal.   I tried to drink some water at my desk but couldn’t even swallow properly.   I eventually went to the doctor and was once again told there was nothing physically wrong with me, great…but still, why do I get these bizarre panicky feelings?

Have you ever experienced a panic attack or anxiety attack?   Do you have them often?   How did you overcome them?