i wanna dance in the airport

I just wanted to find something silly to watch, thank you Justin Bieber’s dancers.  They just keep going, and smiling and dancing.

meryl, stanley, julia and autotune

Julie & Julia (the story of a woman trying to complete Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” intertwined with the story of Julia Child) was on the other day and I had to watch.   I’m a sucker for a Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci moment:

I just love watching these two do anything together.   I believe the only other movie where they’ve shared the screen was The Devil Wears Prada (another fave.)

I digress, Julie & Julia got me curious about Julia Child.   Short of watching my mom watch some of her shows on PBS when I was younger I didn’t know a lot about her so I went on a wikipedia binge and discovered so much about this lovely woman.    One fact stuck out to me, she didn’t really learn how to cook until she was 37.   For some reason I found this fascinating.   All the Julia research also reminded me of this adorable little video I stumbled upon earlier this month in honor of what would’ve been her 100th birthday.   Julia Child autotuned.  This isn’t a parody, it’s quite lovely:

Also I grasp the irony of my fascination with Julia Child when, from time to time, I’m in the midst of the vegan experiment. She had such a love for what she did, and I find that heartwarming.

sparkle shirt

Can I be honest ?   The reason I haven’t posted all week is because of this:

I am officially Downton Abbey obsessed.   I heard so many friends rave about it over the last few years but had no idea what they were referring to.  I noticed Season 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix and decided to watch a little bit of the first episode on Sunday night.   Next thing you know I’ve blown through Season 1, purchased Season 2 on iTunes and have been skimming through it to see what happens.   I’m hooked.

Onto sparkles!

Summertime for radio peeps is busy.  We’re out and about all the time and always try to wear station gear (gotta get that brand out.)   Anyway after 14 years of wearing pretty uniform t-shirts, I decided to add some sparkle into my summer gear.   While I love sparkling things, when it comes to clothing I don’t trust myself so I found a great website called Custom Couture.    Easiest thing ever and not as expensive as I thought it’d be.

Just go to the design room to create your own shirt.   Select the type of shirt, color, and get going:

You can add tons of sparkle, a little sparkle.  Images, text, really anything you can dream up.   Once completed shipping takes about a week.  I made 2 t-shirts.

This one (manfriend didn’t fold it after it was washed and it needs to be ironed, eek)

And this one:

The t-shirts are good quality, although I wish I gone a little smaller on the black shirt.   All in all it was a fun way to get my sparkle on.  I believe I spent about $25 on each shirt, a little more on the black one because there’s a lot of sparkle.   Yes, it’s more than I would normally spend on a shirt, but I’ll be wearing these shirts weekly, if not more, throughout the summer.

call me maybe

I’m totally obsessed with the Harvard baseball team’s lip sync/dance routine to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

So cute!  Make sure you watch it.   Love the song too, Carly Rae rolled through the radio station a few weeks ago, sweetest girl ever!  Loved her hat.