warm fuzzies




warm fuzzies?

Who doesn’t love that warm fuzzy feeling when something fabulous happens.    Warm fuzzies can come in many forms, maybe a person, maybe a phone call, a huge, maybe flowers!  If you’re looking to get a warm fuzzy from flowers or want to spread the warm fuzzy feeling with flowers don’t forget about Teleflora’s Make Someone Smile Week next week.  This is such a great initiative, Teleflora and participating florists donate bouquets to those who may need some smiles in their lives.     You can find out more here.

Be Happy Bouquet


In honor of Make Someone Smile Week Teleflora is giving away 2 of their Be Happy bouquets right here!   Just leave a comment on this previous post by 11:59pm for your chance to win a Be Happy bouquet for you or someone you love.   We’ll be selecting 2 winners!

Hope you get to experience warm fuzzies soon!


the secret to getting through for radio contests…

I got an interesting tweet yesterday:

The answer?   There is no secret, it’s total luck if you get through on a radio contest that’s looking for a specific caller.  I know, kind of a bummer.   Here’s something to keep in mind, most radio stations have more than one phone line, the majority of stations I’ve worked at have had at least 3 phone lines, some as many as 8.   What does that mean?  If you’re calling for a contest, hear the dj answer but aren’t the right caller, keep trying!  Most dj’s will move pretty quick to move on to the next phone line (most of us don’t have Frasier-esque producer Roz’s.)

Have you ever won a radio station contest?   What did you win?   When I was younger I used to try to win things all the time (I reallllllly wanted that Spice Girls cd!)



What are your smilemakers?   There are those things that can help you crack a smile no matter your mood.  Here are mind.

my boys:

watching people celebrate birthdays:

true love:

getting to talk on the radio (and wearing my green headphones)

sparkly things!!


For those enduring challenging times, smiles may be hard to find.  That’s where  Teleflora’s Make Someone Smile Week (July 17-23) can make a difference.   Giving those in need something special to smile about with the adorable Be Happy bouquet.  You can see the impact of this amazing week here.

Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet

In honor of the upcoming Make Someone Smile Week Teleflora was kind enough to donate 2 Be Happy Bouquets to give away on squeezing it all together.   You can enter to win a bouquet for yourself or for someone you love.   We’ll pick the winners this Friday.  All you have to do is leave a comment here.

Would love to find out what your smile makers are!!

sunday shopping, slacklining, and sunday sundae!

Like flowers?  Have you entered my giveaway to win the Be Happy Bouquet from Teleflora in honor of Make Someone Smile Week?  A beautiful bouquet could be delivered to you (or anyone you’d like to receive it) just leave a comment here to enter to win!!

Hope you had a great Sunday.   We had a full, random day!     I’ve been obsessed with finding new backyard furniture.  I was thisclose to buying this CVS mosaic set I’ve been walking past for the last two months.  Do you ever walk past something over and over again and just decide you want it?

Manfriend suggested i head to BJ’s (fail) and Lowe’s before I swipe my ExtraCare card, thank goodness I did because I fell in LOVE with these retro chairs!  They’re not everyone’s cup o’tea but we loved them and they work perfectly in our yard, definitely throwback:

That was super fun to put together, and by super fun I mean I was loudly cursing out the manufacturers in my backyard.   It’s always a good time when you’re using an Allen wrench and can only move it a millimeter at a time.   Le sigh…it’s ok though because there were also milkshakes yesterday:

It was so good (yes I tried some) it doesn’t even look like a milkshake, it looks like an amazing delicious sundae…mmm.   Sometimes you’ve just got to have a sip!

We wrapped up the day with a birthday celebration for my bro.   His birthday was Saturday but we all got together to celebrate yesterday.   He had to show off his slacklining skills to my parents.   Have you heard of slacklining?  It’s like walking on a tightrope, but it’s flat, and usually anchored between two fairly low points (ie: trees.)


Little bro showing off his slacklining skills:

There he goes:

He even did it barefoot!

Bro even showed off a few YOGA poses on the slackline.  Crazy !   Have you seen slacklining?  Think you’d ever like to try it?

Have a great week!!