fresh healthy and a fortune cookie

I had a quick appointment at my dentist (the greatest dentist ever Dr. Kendra Zappia) and was in the same area as one of my favorite spots, Fresh Healthy Cafe at Crossgates. LOVE this place, their name says it all. I ordered the Extreme Veggie Wrap and Mango Mania smoothie:


I drank most of the smoothie on the way back to my office (with an energy fortifier)


The extrmeme veggie wrap is amaze:


I make a little adjustment to my wrap, no feta, vinagrette or olives (I add in mozzarella) CHOMP:::CHOMP:::CHOMP!


Mmmmmm. So good ! I only get to eat at Fresh Healthy Cafe every few months so it’s a nice treat. Fresh Healthy Cafe is in Crossgates on the lower level just outside of Dick’s.

Hey, have you ever inherited office space ? At my office we have cubes, it’s a sea of cubes. I definitely make my space my own, but there are remnants from previous dwellers in the cube, like this fortune:


I don’t know who put it there but I’ll often look up and wonder if they taped it above the desk as inspiration or if they just found it funny. Ever find something from a previous office dweller ?