complete weather satisfaction

Perhaps I’m being a p, but I think this has been a pretty rough winter in the 518.  I know, I know we’re hearty northerners but this winter has still been a bit overwhelming.  I’m ready for spring.

But I’m not allowed to say that.

I don’t enjoy complaining but I feel like anytime  I’ve said “suck it” to winter, even in jest, people are quick to come back with:

“Well it’s the northeast if you don’t like it leave.”

Well, no. That’s just ridiculous.  And for the record I did leave for a while, I lived in Florida.  When you commented about the oppressive heat people would agree with you or just smile.   Listen I like skiing, I like snowshoeing, I like sledding, I like playing in the snow with my kid, I even like to pretend I’m a figure skater on the icy disaster that is my driveway, but I’ve hit my winter peak., don’t pounce on me.  Why are we so quick to tell people to GTFO of NY simply for noting the nastiness?  I’m sure the complaint level is up 200% after this crappy winter but has anyone else noticed an increased “shut it” from winter fanatics?

*awesome angry snowman photo via the