sunday night pasta (herb explosion)

I’m not a big pasta fan (I know, weird) but I fond an easy, light recipe that I’m confident you’ll love, especially if you enjoy herbs.   It’s called Sunday night pasta with balsamic vinegar.  I discovered it when I got stuck in a Julia Child YouTube wormhole.

The recipe itself is in the video below, it’s a quick fun watch (less than 10 minutes) and it’s a very organic recipe.  Sometimes I enjoy some wiggle room.  I’ve outlined the ingredients you’ll need below:


  • Olive Oil (2 tbsp)
  • Tomatoes (fresh or canned) as many you’d like
  • Linguine
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Marjoram
  • Fresh Mint
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Balsamic Vinegar

(I omitted the chives and the cheese mentioned in the recipe)

I think technically this could be viewed as a vegan dish (sans cheese) so I’ll stockpile that away in my vegan recipe book.    Again, I’m not a big pasta fan at all, but this recipe was perfection.   Just enough to satisfy and the blend of herbs is so pleasing.  I honestly might consider trying this without the tomatoes and doubling the herbs.   So easy to make.  Great recipe to keep nearby in a pinch.

Also.   Good news if you’ve been concerned about the potential of the end of the world in December.   Apparently the farmers disagree with the Mayans, this book isn’t blank:

They send these to the radio station each year, I’ll admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it.  🙂

basil bailout

Spaghetti and Turkey-balls were on the menu last night (turkey-balls sounds so wrong doesn’t it?)  I forgot to pick up fresh basil on my food shopping day so I ducked into Hannaford to grab a little, except a little didn’t exist.   Somehow this was branded the “value-size” fresh basil:

I see no value in waaaaay too much, I usually buy a 1/4 of this once every month but it was the only fresh basil they had so I grabbed it.   It was $3.99, I used maybe an 1/8th of this in my recipe last night.   I hate hate hate when herbs are wasted or go bad so I’m calling on any lurkers with cooking skills.  I’ve got a big ass bag of basil to use by….Friday?  I’m guessing that’s when it’ll take a turn for stank.  Do you have any great recipes that I can use fresh basil in?   I’m a novice cooker but I’ll try anything, and manfriend is actually a genius in the kitchen so if I get stuck he can usually guide me back to the correct path.   Pretty please?

The only requirement is that the recipe can’t involve tree nuts (kiddo and his dad are allergic.)  But if it’s a dealbreaker in the recipe I just won’t share with them. 🙂