beached seal protocol

Oh beachy beach beach beach, I miss you.   I gotta tell you about the BEST beach in Kennebunkport, it’s called Parson’s Beach, it’s amazing.   Parking can be a bit tricky but it’s not too crowded and it’s just perfect.  Remember that if you’re ever up that way, Parson’s Beach.

Also if you’re beaching it at all this summer, forget about the umbrella, get a sun shelter.   We picked up this one from BJ’s (I swear manfriend said he got it for $19.99) and it was awesome:

It was like our own little private cabana.   Kiddo and I are super fair skinned so this is necessary for us, but I thought it was perfect for a little privacy, great for keeping everything out of the sand.  I got the green beach chairs at Target for $8 .   I can’t seem to find the sun shelter online for the same price we picked it up for , but I would’ve paid $50 for this thing and you can find it here for less than that.

Ok, let’s talk about beached seals.   I know, awkward.   If you’re super skeeved out by things like beached seals, byebye, time for you to go now.

We hit the beach as soon as we rolled into town, great day for it.   The segulls are out, dudes running in swimsuits

Fam was hanging out in the water

Aaaand then suddenly we look over and there’s a beached seal next to us, so so sad.

The seal was breathing.   It was just sort of hanging out, right there, on the sand, where we had been playing a second ago.   I had no idea what to do.  It was definitely the first time I’ve had to ask myself the question,

“What should I do if I come across a beached baby seal?”

There were a few other people nearby when we noticed the seal.   Someone said that this was the second time today that it had happened.   A man called the police, another called a wildlife group.    The beach was crowded and as soon as people spotted a small crowd, well, this is what we saw develop from our sun shelter:

Hmmmm, what’s going on here?

Let’s crowd around it

Hey everyone, come here!

The beached seal was definitely NOT lonely.   The seal was probably freaking the F out.

Eventually an official wildlife dude rolled up to assess the situation.

He brought in some security for the seal too:

When we left the beach they were bringing in a container to take the seal (not sure where it goes, to a facility or if it’s released back.)    No one said what they thought was wrong with the seal, some people said it happens all the time because the seals want to lie in the sun.  Sometimes it happens because they get hit by a boat.  Sometimes it’s because they’re sick.   I’d like to thank the lady who told my son that if he was scratched by a seal he would die, that was awesome.   Only took us 2 days to get him back in the water after that.

Definitely sad to see a creature so helpless and not know what to do to help.   Have you ever encountered an animal in distress?  How did you help ?


I think I’ve established my instagram obsession, yea it’s an obsession, whatevs. I think I may have actually said/made the noise “oooooh” when I spotted this link up at Life Rearranged . InstaFriday!!

Don’t judge, I’m sure you’ve made a noise about a link up too. 🙂

I’m all too excited to join in on the InstaFriday fun…bam. Let’s do this.

We had our Kennebunkport getaway, as soon as we arrived we dashed to the beach and I got to do this.


I spotted this window in a bathroom at a hotel we weren’t staying at but pretended to be guests at so we could explore….we’ll call it a fancy bathroom window.


Not all instagrammed out but how beaut is this chapel on the water ?   When manfriend brought me here for a split second I thought he was going to propose (it’s that romantic and breathtaking.)   Then I remembered we’re never getting married.


I housed these LOBSTAHS!!!

Kickass sandbar at one of the hotels we stayed at.   Kiddo wanted to know if he could play on it (we didn’t let him.)   This is also where I was served a cosmo with cranberry juice, yea.


I’m a one piece girl, I’ve only wore a bikini ONCE in my life and never plan on wearing one again.  Love my Michael Kors suit:

We broke out the sand castle architecture skills.   Handcrafted with awesome:

Path to the greatest beach in the world, Parson’s Beach.   This place is straight out of a postcard

The hotel we stayed at also had this bizarre (and beautiful) fairy village, I took lots of pics but this was one of my faves


Rain falling outside our deck before a party


Kiddo and his dad on the beach


Diver dude at the Boston New England Aquarium


Then I went back to work and took an instagram break till today, playground demolition…sad


If you’re on instagram I’d love to see your pics!

vacation decisions

Summer’s almost here.   Camps need to be signed up for.   Tiny inflatable pools needs to be purchased.  Flip flop style decisions need to be made, yay for summer!   We always have a lot of local fun in the summer because there’s so much to do here!

Strawberry picking in Schoharie (with some silly looking strawberries)

Fun throwback rides at Hoffmans (I always call this the paratrooper but does anyone know the actual name of this ride?)

Impulsive pool parties in the yard:

And margaritas on the patio:


If we do take a vacay we’re deciding between the Adirondacks

or Florida (love this picture)

I love the Adirondacks and manfriend hates Florida (especially in the summer) but I love visiting the Tampa-Clearwater area so we’ll see if we can’t convince him to consider a little Florida time.  Hey you spend most of the time in the AC, right?

The final option we’re considering is Kennebunkport in Maine.  We haven’t been there in about 7 years but it is always amazing (go to the Lobster Shack!)   So what would YOU choose?

Have you made your vacation decisions yet?   Where are you spending the summer?