drink up

I’m a seltzer addict.  Love it.  I buy gallons at a time.  Every holiday season Polar Seltzer rolls out their holiday offers, I’ll usually give them a try.   The eggnog was…different.  Mint chocolate wasn’t bad, but I had no idea how hard I’d fall for their Vanilla Pear:

vanilla pear seltzer

I was buying 5 bottles a time, sadly this limited edition beverage became hard to find after January.   I found it in a few beverage stores and Ocean State Job Lot and was hoarding it like a fiend, but thankfully I can go back to being a normal consumer:


Now if I could just find Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla, all my beverage dreams would be realized.

diet-dr-pepper-cherry-vanilLove this stuff too, but haven’t seen it in years.   Happy sipping!

hot toddy time

I feel like the only person who hasn’t jumped right into the holiday cheer thing.  It’s November 26, I’ll wait till at least December 1 if that’s ok.  I’m feeling pressured with all the lights up and all the trees up and all the purchasing, I mean  I’m still finding Halloween decorations that need to go away, unless a pumpkin in a snow globe could pass for a holiday decoration?

While I shed my Scrooge exterior let’s talk Hot Toddy’s.   There are many different versions, but I had a honey-bourbon hot toddy this weekend and it was perfect.


1/2 c boiling water

2tbsp honey

4tbsp bourbon

4tbsp lemon juice

2 cinnamon sticks

Serves 2

I had the boiling water in a teapot and mixed 2 teacups with the remaining liquids (honey, bourbon, lemon juice) and then added the water, garnished with a cinnamon stick.   If you want a stronger honey or lemon flavor add more!  I suppose you could do the same with the bourbon too!

if i had a million dollars – $32,000 cocktail

A $32,000 cocktail.   My goodness.   The drink known as the “The Jewel of Pangaea” was created by a Singapore club, Pangaea, and jeweler Mouawad .

Wanna recreate this bad boy?  Here’s what you’ll need:

Gold-flecked Hennessey brandy

1985 vintage Krug champagne

Hickory smoke infused sugar cube

Mouwad Triple X 1-carat diamond.

Mix & enjoy!   I think you may need to be a supermodel or have a minimum balance of $6.5 million in your account, but if you’ve got the aforementioned ingredients hanging around,  you’re good.

I would’ve expected a gaudier presentation for a $32,000 cocktail, you know, maybe some sparkles.   I would like to note that this cocktail is branded Asia’s most expensive cocktail, apparently there’s a creation even greater than this !  If you want to see the drink being mixed check out video:

How high have you gone?