birchbox & bb cream

What’s better than a Friday night? A Friday night when your Birchbox arrives, weekend + makeup = win.

Bellinis & Birchbox are the perfect combo, FYI.

I’ve had a pretty good Birchbox run the last few months (full sized products I’ll actually use, samples I enjoy) so I was kind of expecting to be let down by this one. That didn’t happen.

Etolle Nail Polish

Soy Joy bar (meh)

Lavender Hair Powder

Jouer Perfume

Fibre Lash Extend Mascara

Gift box

While I love all the goodies Birchbox throws my way each month, my absolute favorite beauty find this year was BB Cream. I use Garnier BB Cream, it’s magical. Moisturizes, evens tone, renews, brightens and it even has SPF.

I realized just how much I loved this product last week. I started using it at the beginning of the summer (and instantly got compliments on my skin) and ran out of that first bottle just last week. Not only will it make you look better, it’s an amazing bargain. I was afraid that the cream wouldn’t last a month and one tube got me through five months !

What’s been your best beauty find in 2012?

birchbox score

I really hate Mondays.”

That was a statement from my kid yesterday morning.  While I laughed it off and explained to him every day was a gift and we have to make the most of it, in my head I was thinking, “yea, sometimes they aren’t so fun.

I try to naturally get over feeling meh on mondays, but often it can’t be avoided.  I won’t lie, I totally smiled when I came home hauling 4 heavy bags of groceries and spotted this month’s Birchbox.   I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  For $10 a month it’s like a nice little gift to yourself.    Here’s what rolled in this time:

Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB Cream (can I be honest, I dunno what BB is but it’s everywhere)

Joya Parfum (it’s a little musky not sure I like it)

KellyVan Gogh caviar shampoo & conditioner

Melvita Rose Floral Water (to be used as a skin refresher)

theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen (for lips and face)

Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band Aids.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Band Aids weren’t the most exciting part of this box.   Totally serious, I am constantly injuring myself so cute Band Aids are exactly what I use.   If I ever purchase fun Band Aids they’re usually camoflauge or Spiderman themed for the kid, so this is a fun girly thing for me.     On my BirchBox info card it says you can buy a pack of 20 for $15, but I found a better deal on Cynthia Rowley’s website, a pack of 20 for $5.

mail order happiness

I’ve been in a fierce, foul mood since I came back from an amazing weekend with friends in NYC (I’ll save that for another blog, including our Tracy Morgan run in.)  I really did have a fantastic time, I think I just went a little too hard and my body’s been responding  with pure bitchiness.   It just happens sometimes, doesn’t it ladies?  My mood lifted a little when I came home and spotted this month’s BIRCHBOX waiting on my doorstep!

Excellent goodies this month.  I’m excited to try the tube mascara, anyone have any feedback?  I really love BIRCHBOX, if you’re unfamiliar check out my post about it from earlier this summer.   It’s a nice little $10 splurge and the products are usually pretty big!

One mail order service I’m not loving lately is Shoedazzle.   I was a fan for awhile but lately my showroom seems to be an endless stream of stripper-esque platform shoes, even after requesting alternates.   Don’t get me wrong, my heart beats fast for a great platform but not all the time.  Also they charged me last month despite the fact I KNOW I clicked skip the month, got the refund but it just makes me a little skeptical.   Again, if this sounds like jibberish, check out my declaration of love for shoedazzle from earlier this year, it breaks down exactly what it is.

Do you have any mail order services that you love?   There are a few for kid’s clothing that I’m considering trying, would love to find out what you love!





happy birchbox day !


It wasn’t just any friday, it was a Birchbox friday ! I mentioned birchbox last week and I thought it would be a few more weeks before I got my goodies, but they came today !


Hello you fab box you !!!


I haven’t even opened it and I’m already excited !! Lets dive in, first up:


Sircuit cosmeceuticals molecular mist. A refreshing, hydrating spray. Ok NEXT:


Lavanila Body Butter. Feels and smells amazing, like spreadable luxury ! Moving on:


Laura Geller blush-bronzer. Amazing !!

I also received a Kate Spade perfume sample :


Also stripper to go polish removers !


So many great goodies, 10 bucks !!!!


Do you think you’d ever try birchbox ?