new twist on french mani

I’m not too crazy about my nails.   They’re usually bare.   Every now and again I’ll get acrylics, but I try to avoid that becuase it’s nail abuse.   I spotted this adorable black on black french mani on Pinterest and I WANT IT NOW!

So cute.   While I love the look of well manicured nails I am incompetent in that department.   Seriously, I can barely apply polish without messing it up.   Throw in a nail biting problem and I guess the only way I can try this look is with acrylics.   I don’t really have a nail place.   If you’re in the 518 and can recommend a place that might be able to pull this off I’d love to hear about it!

If you love the look and are able to pull it off on your own, here are a few Black on Black matte french mani tutorials I found:

Live For Fashion

Ciao Bella

Elements of my Life