if i had a million dollar’s – 2012 victoria’s secret fantasy bra

This should really be if “I had a million dollars, and a model physique, and another million and a half.   The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was filmed last night and Alessandra Ambrosio rocked the 2012 Fantasy bra:

Yup, that looks about right for a $2.5 million bra.   This bra has a 20 carat diamond centerpiece, rubies, sapphires and diamonds of just about every shade.  Victoria’s Secret has rolled out fantasy bras since 1996, you can check out the whole boob and bling spectrum here

Got me thinking about the most expensive bra I’ve ever purchased.  I can’t remember but odds are good it was probably some insane contraption to sport a bridesmaid dress.  Those are never sexy.

sleeping in a bra, good for you?

I remember when I went to Camp Little Notch for a few weeks overnight when I was 12 or 13 and all the girls in my cabin called me weird for wearing a bra to bed.   Same thing happened in college.  Girls were shocked that I wore a bra to sleep in.  I’m no Dolly Parton or anything, sleeping in a bra just felt comfortable.  I felt a little smug when I saw this article from Glamour.com’s blog that wearing a bra to bed could help keep the girls up.    Check it out here.

Are you a bra sleeper?   I know there’s a few of us out there!