another halloween in the books

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year it was as if it was a four day festivity!   We had a little office Halloween party on Friday, I made buried alive cupcakes again, delicious:

The weekend held some more activities  and, of course, the random October snowstorm.   Our poor little pumpkin:

Today was a mad dash to get through the day and rush home to get the kiddo out for trick or treating.   A few of us dressed up at the office.   My friend Charlie showed off her AMAZING owl costume, she made this thing.   How awesome is it?

Genius !

Before picking the little one up from school I had to make a candy stop for trick or treaters.   I always wait till the last minute with the hopes that the candy will be on clearance.   That never happens.   Is it me or was candy insanely expensive this year?   I grabbed 2 bags of decent candy and dropped close to $20!   WTF?!  Every decent sized bag of candy seemed to be a $7.99 minimum.   One of the bags was a medley of Junior Mints, Dots (meh) and Junior Caramels.   I’m a caramel fiend and was excited to try ’em:

DISGUSTING!   Ugh, it was like a fruity Junior Mint with old caramel you would’ve found at the bottom of your grandma’s candy jar.   I’ve never seen these before but I know I’ll be dodging them as I devour  pick at the  Halloween candy over the next week.



buried alive cupcakes

Despite being…not a teenager, I enjoy Halloween a great deal.   I’ll admit I was excited to learn that my office has a little Halloween party, I decided my contribution would be Buried Alive cupcakes…a recipe I had seen some time ago on JustJenn Recipes.   Basically it’s chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cookie crumbles and doll arms…yes doll arms.  Creepy.

I had one of the weirdest conversations of my life over these silly little cupcakes.  I was trying to figure out where I would find doll arms in Albany and all I could think of was Michael’s.   When I called to ask if they carried doll arms on their own I could tell the sales girls was totally creeped out, but she said they had them.   When I arrived, this is what I found:

These are doll cake toppers…even CREEPIER than just doll arms!   To take the creepy to yet another level I realized I would have to rip the arms out of these dolls to make the silly cupcakes I wanted to make…I’m not even going to get into how much the 4 packs of the creepy dolls are.   Sorry Barbie wanna be, but I’ve got to dismantle you: (yes I censored the ladyparts for this post)

Once I found my arms the recipe is very easy, just chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, smashed chocolate cookies (I used oreos) and of course doll arms:

Mix together, and voila!  Halloween creepy !