i’ve been distracted

So the lovely Krystal inspired me to update my little blog.  I love my corner of the web but I’ve just been distracted with work, family stuff, feeling chubby and scruffy.   So here’s what’s up.

I can explain the chubby part.  Snacks.  I really try hard to stay away from sweets but when I fail I fail hard.  I tried a bite of a Cadbury Cream Egg BAR that someone sent to the station.  Yes, a whole bar o’Cadbury Egg, that’s how they roll in the UK.   I’m pretty sure this bite sized piece had about 2,000 calories, and totally not vegan.   It was amazing.


When the circus came through we checked it out from the nosebleed section at the TU.  Seriously if you ever want the best seat in the house, go upper level, it was awesome.


I celebrated my birthday, so lucky!


I discovered a crazy, yet functional moss purse.   The ultimate spring accessory. 20120518-232803.jpg

Of course I sparkled more stuff. Here’s some color blocked frames


Made some delicious vegan meals.   Arugula, squash and mushrooms.   Awesome!


Made a quick trip to the city.   Managed to find the beauty in cabs.


Bought a rock bracelet, made me feel like Shera, Princess of Power.


Discovered a delicious vegan snack.  Housed this


Fit into an 8 year old t-shirt.  No really, that’s amazing that it still fits.  My metabolism was on warp speed 8 years ago.


Enjoyed Mother’s Day with the cutest cake ever (I only had a taste.)


Discovered some radio audio gems in my desk.  FLY92 from the early 90’s.  Listen here.


Discovered my new favorite beer (and I hate beer) Shipyard Applehead (apple beer!!!_


Frightened a Starbucks drive-thru peep with this crazy ass knot I got stuck in my hair while trying to rearrange my ponytail.   I know, I know, I shouldn’t be a lazy drive-thru user.


Fell more in love with my orange mani.   Tangerine Tango may be my favorite color of the year yet!!


Became more obsessed with this song.   Watch the video.  Love love love it.


Rocked my 7th grade basketball jersey during dropoff.   I’m too sexy for real grown up clothes before 9:30am.


Aand re-embarked on the summer spray tan.  The foot positions always remind me of a dance chart, now you’ll think of it to the next time you’re nekkid in a Mystic booth.


candy with a message

I ran into a local drugstore to help the Easter Bunny with some last minute shopping today.   Scored some good deals (50% off select candy and Easter grass) found some Cadbury eggs, and found a faux archery set…successful shopping trip in my mind.

Even if you’re not religious you probably know that Easter is the most holy holiday, (hang in there, I’m not trying to convert you or anything, funny pic approaching) I mean, hello Jesus rose from the dead.  It doesn’t get any bigger than that.  Easter’s message, like any other religious holiday, is often lost amongst the stuff.   Here’s my Bobby Brown prerogative,  if you choose to be a religious person, then you find your way to celebrate with the church and then, if you so choose, in your own secular (non religious) way.   Today I saw those worlds collide:

Jesus in chocolate.   Alrighty.   I thought that was as bizarre as it would get until I stepped into the jellybean section

Take a good look at that packaging.   Jellybeans, color coded for Jesus’ blood, sinning, heaven, clean…seriously????  I’m not saying I’m a saint, but I consider myself a fairly religious person.   I think I’m more offended by religious jellybeans than the dominance of the Easter Bunny on Easter.   I mean really, Jesus’ blood on a jellybean?    Hey if we’re going to get literal about religion on Hallmark holidays St. Valentine’s Day is going to be straight up bloody.   Ick.

candy, green monsters, skating, avocados & more

Siena hoodie.   Couch.   Louie on Netflix.   Happy Tuesday and stuff.

So those holiday things.   How were they for you?   I got to see my big Irish fam, kiddo got what he wanted.   I was gifted over 7.5 pounds of candy.   My family likes to give the gift of Krause’s:

To offset the dark chocolate overload I’ve been starting my days with THE GREEN MONSTER.   mmmmm.   If you told me six months ago that I would enjoy drinking spinach in the morning I would’ve laughed in your face.  Stopped.   Then laughed again.  It’s so freakin’ good.   I take them to work in a little cold cup when I can’t lounge in my bed and enjoy.


Oh, side note.   I had the chance to house eat a portobello mushroom burger at Juicy Burgers & More, so good.   A little heavy on the balsamic but still delicious.   Try it, seriously, at lunch tomorrow go and eat it.  Get sweet potato fries too.  You’ll have to run a few extra miles but it’s worth it.


New Year’s Eve kiddo and I went crazy, I had the champagne, he had the Shirley Temple.   New Year’s Day we visited the skating rink at the Empire State Plaza…I’ve so missed skating here!   I also suspended the vegan experiment for a short while  on New Year’s Day to enjoy manfriend’s to die for homemade pizza.   It included: goat cheese, cranberries, caramelized onions and figs.  Holy sh*t, it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.   Why can’t goat cheese be vegan?  Goats eat plants, can I consider it a plant?  No?  Crap. Ok.


Tonight I whipped up another faboush recipe from Oh She Glows.  Love her site to pieces.   Creamy Avocado Pasta.   15 minutes and it’s delicious!!!!    This is the avocado “sauce” pre stir.   If you’re someone who used to enjoy cream sauces but no longer can TRY THIS RECIPE.   So yummy!


Alright, back to Louie. I think i have a crush on Louis C.K. I’m still trying to absorb how wrong that is…

holiday survival pack

When you’re a genius like me and decide to start your shopping 5 days before Christmas,  the week turns into a bit of a blur.   It’s manageable, but blurry.   Shopping and wrapping don’t stress me out.   It’s the crazy rush that starts on the 21st or so.  I love all of it, but here’s what I need to stay sane during the holidays.

1. Gift Cards.

Even though I’ll go over my shopping list ten times, I always forget someone –or– someone I wasn’t expecting a gift from will hit me with a gift.   Gift cards keep me prepared, and if they go unused, odds are good I can gift them to someone else down the line.

2. Cookies

My cookies look just like this too.   Christmas cookies are a necessity for family parties, neighbor gifts and more.   My dining room table often looks like it’s been consumed by cookie tins this time of year.

3.  Krause’s Candy

This is a 518 specific requirement, but I can’t get through Christmas without Krause’s.   Their gift boxes make the perfect gift for teachers and co-workers.   It’s crazy in there this time of year, but if I’m going to be in a crazy store I’d definitely prefer it be filled with chocolate.

4.  Gift Bags

The back of my truck turns into a mobile gift wrapping station this week.   I buy, I wrap, I deliver (or hide.)   I actually love wrapping gifts, but there’s nothing easier than a gift bag, especially when you’re dealing with an annoying hexagon shaped box or something ridiculous.

5. Batteries

I buy a ridiculous amount of batteries before Christmas hits.   I actually get this 40 pack available at CVS, it has every battery you could ever use for like $20 – steal.   Between battery powered toys kiddo will probably receive and stuff that we don’t even realize needs batteries, this is a lifesaver.

6.  School Pictures and Frames

I send kiddo’s school picture out with Christmas cards (wallet sized.)  But a few family members have asked for larger versions (awwww) so I make sure to stock up on frames for when I hand over the school pic.

7. Change of Clothes

In addition to the mobile gift wrapping station in the back of my truck, I’ll also have a mobile closet.   We’re invited to a lot of parties and family events and you can arrive in a dress and suddenly be on a muddy hike, it’s just easier to keep tons of clothes at the ready.

8. Lip Serum

Obsessed with Be Fine’s Lip Serum.  I first discovered this gem in a birchbox over the summer, but this is the perfect holiday rush gloss.  Keeps your lips moisturized, shiny, and you won’t need to worry about leaving lipstick stains behind on glasses!

9.   Nerf Blasters

Because these are just fun for all the kids in the family, and at some point the adults grab them too.   Just keep a couple tucked away for when kids might start to get a little restless.

10.   Wine

Great for gift giving, or enjoying a glass when you get home from the holiday cheer!

Do you have any necessities to get through the holidays?