sparkly mic

I’ve sparkled headphones, eggs, frames, bags so the next logical thing was a microphone, right?

Yes, I know I’m a dj, not a diva, but I’ve always thought that crystalized mics singers use on stage are awesome, and I’m not about to drop $700 on something that simply amuses me, so I made my own!

Here’s what you’ll need.   A microphone (I used a wired mic, not wireless) &  self adhesive sparkles.

Stick all over, and voila!  Sparkly mic:

This isn’t a mic I could use every day in the studio, but once in awhile if I’m doing my show somewhere.

Too much?

So if you’ve got a need for a sparkly mic (you’re in a band or you’ve got a little one who likes to pretend they’re Carrie Underwood) this is a really easy DIY.  Happy sparkling!

ice ice baby

I have an obsession with celebrity engagement rings…I have a bigger obsession with finding knockoffs of celebrity engagement rings.   I love big gawdy rings and celeb engagement rings are the perfect example…just a little bit too much.   Currently on the hunt for Carrie Underwood’s massive rock of engaged:

Look at that thing – it’s huge!  Even her girlfriend can’t help but stare!

photo via AP