I miss phone calls!   Am I the only one?   Texting is fantastic and efficient but I miss talking to my friends.  I honestly think I have 2 friends right now who would answer the phone if I called.   At least some text back if I do call to see what’s up, but many calls seem to end up in the voicemail abyss.   I know folks still know how to use the phone because people call the radio station all day for contests or requests, but do you still call friends to converse?    How many times a year do you think you have conversations with friends?

Sidenote, I totally have a rotary phone in my house (sadly it’s brown not pink) and the first time I dug it out my kid had NO clue how to use it.   It was hilarious to see him attempt to dial a number.   Kid knows how to edit a movie on iMovie but couldn’t dial a rotary phone.   We finally taught him.   Pretty sure he finds rotary dialing to be a waste of time.