what lurks in the phone

Most of the pics I post on this here bloggy are from my iPhone (digital cameras like to break on me) but I thought this was a cute little link up. What else is lurking in my phone from the last week?

Did some coloring with the kid at religion. It’s St. Nick


Enjoyed the christmas decor at Kimberly’s


Don’t think I’ve seen a feather wreath before but I like !


Fooled around with a pic of manfriend and I


Enjoyed some VIP seating with work friends at the holiday party (right next to the buffet)


And partied at Club Element


tree’s up-ish

Ohhh lazy Sundays, how I love thee. Yesterday I realized we didn’t really have anything to do today and I started a mental list of things to accomplish

1. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry. Oh, and laundry.
2. Cook 3 meals for the week
3. Get old sofa sleeper out of the house
4. Make vegan chocolate chip cookies
5. Make Christmas ornaments with kiddo
6. Get Christmas tree
7. Finish Christmas decorating
8. Finish winterizing outside of house

Pretty ambitious list, eh? I was able to start the laundry. We actually got the old sofa sleeper out (there is nothing heavier ever created than a sofa sleeper—-ever.)

When I went to preheat the oven for baking Christmas decorations I discovered problems, like a broken oven. Meh. Stove works great. Oven’s dead. Crap. The only solution will be a new oven so I’m on the hunt. Purchased one recently ? Let me know what you love. I’m an electric girl.

When baking, and meal making was taken off the agenda we decided to pick up our tree. We went to a new place and paid about $50 for the tree. Manfriend was pissed (despite picking the place) we usually pay about $35. I think it looks lovely. (only some of the ornaments up.)


I’m trying not to think about the oven situation right this second. I’ve never had to purchase one before and have no idea what to look for. Also if we’re getting a new oven I should probably look at a new fridge. I should also repaint the kitchen. Basically it opens up about 15 layers I don’t want to acknowledge and my wallet can’t afford to think about. I’ll dream about those vegan chocolate chip cookies instead and figure out whose house I’ll invade tomorrow to make them. Shameless.

Tree’s up. Tomorrow we decorate and the nutcracker’s are standing guard, so we’re good.