co-ed fitting rooms

I just got back from an awesome vacation in Florida.   Beaches, friends, food, parks, good times and shopping !!!  Tampa has a Nordstrom’s that I feel ever so comfortable in (so does my credit card) so when I realized I would need a new bathing suit during my getaway I made a beeline for International Plaza to find a fab new suit. It  took all of three minutes to find a style I was happy with, all I needed to do was try it on to make sure there were no icky bulges or nip slips.

Once in a dressing room I was surprised to look down and see:

Yea…that’s a dude’s shoe.  It also had a dude’s voice.  He was directing the lady he was in the dressing room with on fashion…I guess.   Meh.   i know he couldn’t see me or anything but it kind of creeped me out.   Eventually the dressing room duo left and I decided I wanted to to get the brutal honest truth from the 3 way mirror in the fitting room’s hallway so I strolled outside and was surprised to see another dude just hanging out in the fitting room !   WTF!    I did a slow backwards walk into my fitting room and slammed the door.  I would later hear he was simply waiting for his wife to come out to show him some dresses that she was trying on but it still creeped my out….but why?????

I was trying on bathing suits that I would eventually wear on a beach in front of many other people, why did it bother me that there were dudes in a dressing room as I tested them out?   Is it cool for men to hang out in fitting rooms?  I don’t think it’s wrong, but I definitely felt a little embarrassed……