if i had a million dollars – blinged out starbucks

Spotted on Pinterest, the most amazing Starbucks cup ever:

Caffeine.   Sparkles.   If I had a million dollars I’d be allll over this.   I wish I knew the origin of this awesomeness.   I’ll just go ahead and assume it’s expensive.

relaxation, coffee, and a name change

I’ve had a great, but stressful week.    Every few months I like to treat myself to a facial.  I love facials. Not only are the great for the skin but I get a hand and foot massage too?   Sign me up!    My mom had given me a gift certificate for my birthday (a little tradition we have going) to Kimberly’s A Day Spa, and when I woke up yesterday I just thought, ‘today’s the day to use it!’

Thankfully Kimberly’s had a last minute appointment open in the evening so after work I jetted over for an hour of ahhhhhh.    I originally booked an appointment for their signature facial but after my skin analysis my aesthetician recommended the enzyme facial treatment:

ENZYME FACIAL TREATMENT (from their website)

All of the soothing benefits of our Signature Facial along with a special peeling mask. This unique mask provides a gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin free of dead cells while restoring its suppleness. Enjoy the refreshing benefits of this treatment that will leave you positively radiant.

Not only does my skin look fabulous it was so relaxing.   It would’ve been more relaxing if I had actually shut OFF my phone instead of turning it on vibrate.    No one ever calls or texts me, unless there’s a problem.   Halfway through my facial I hear a long buzz (phone call) followed by a short buzz (voicemail)  than a series of short buzzes (text messages.)   My hands were stuck in cozy oven mits, I had stuff all over my face so I decided that I would have to wait, and speculate until the facial was over.  (turned out there was a small problem at work but nothing that I could’ve prevented or helped with.)  My skin looks so fab today, I think I might go makeup-less!

I drank this, it was amazing!

Part of the reason this was such a great week was our new Keurig !  I love this thing.  Instead of rushing out to get coffee I just sit in my jammies and watch it brew up the perfect cup.   Love, love love.   Thank you for all the Keurig suggestions.   I’m loving the Newman’s Own coffee so far, and manfriend likes a roast called dark magic.  Any suggestions on great tasting coffee we should try?

If you subscribe to my little bloggy y you may notice that the name seems to have changed.   It’s still ashallann.com but that seemed like such a self serving name, yes it’s a blog about isht I do, but really what does it mean to a reader?   That I use three names?   I’m trying out my tagline as the title because I think that sums up what I’m trying to do on this blog and in my life, squeezing it all together.   Does that make sense?

Have a great Friday, Happy July 1st!!!


crystallight-qo1It’s all about simplicity these days.  I’ll admit I became fascinated and than addicted to Crystal Light On the Go single packs…they give a little kick to my water regimen and they’re relatively harmless in the scheme of things….and really could it be any easier?  Dump it a packet into a bottle of water and give it a shake, in less then 30 seconds I’m sipping on a great little drink (Raspberry Lemonade is my definite fave).

In my quest for simplicity, and reducing cost, I found myself in the coffee aisle of the supermarket the other night.  I’m a coffee addict, and I buy it every morning from a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks but in this economic pkg_regstickpackturmoil costs needs to be slashed so I went to go pick up a container of my coffee standby Taster’s Choice.   Yes it’s instant…but I love it.   Maybe everyone else had the same idea because there wasn’t a SINGLE container of Taster’s Choice BUT something new….instant instant coffee in single containers.   I can’t wait until tomorrow to try it out.  Here’s hoping I own’t spit it out as it was only 99 cents!

I had another great workout today…I’m kind of bummed about Thanksgivin next week because i know I have absolutely no restraint when it comes to that beautiful table full of turkey and fixings..but I’ll certainly give it my best try.

Off to research flights to Florida, specifically flights to Tampa…Superbowl weekend….this should get interesting.