flattery for breakfast

Yesterday morning I popped out to my car to grab something from my truck.   On the way back in a black town car whizzed by honking.    It stopped, went into reverse and the window rolled down.   A woman in the drivers side yelled to me, “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES???”

That is the power of Shoedazzle people!

I explained to her the concept and process of Shoedazzle and that I had purchased the fab shoes in April.   She was disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to get the same pair I was wearing but I encouraged her to try the site and to call their customer service department to see if there was any way to get a previously featured shoe.

It was nice (and kind of flattering) that this woman stopped driving to ask about the shoes, even though I was just wearing them it made me feel good.   Have you ever stopped someone you didn’t know to ask where they got something?