casserole post

This isn’t about casseroles. It’s just casserole-esque in that I’m throwing in a bunch of stuff I’ve been up to.


I love sparkly things. I’m not the craftiest person in the world but I can glue. I love accessories that are a little unexpected. I had some down tome over the holidays and went a little nuts making fun headbands. Gems. Buttons. I know it’s a little out there.


It’s different. I’m going to post a bit more about this another time. There were some trials and errors with glue.


We just live skating this winter. Kiddo and I hit up Swinburne over the weekend. I just love it there. Such a great place to skate and it’s fun to see kiddo buying snacks from Denny’s snack stand (I remember buying them from Denny when I was 5.). Oh if you do skating this winter I recommend lacing up with hot pink laces:



Even though I jumped off the vegan experiment for a slice of pizza last week, I’m back on. Work has been crazy and I haven’t had time to make dinners much this week. I’m living off of veggie wraps that I stuff with bright veggies (obsessed with purple cabbage.)



I feel like I should create a category called “recipes I steal from oh she glows.” I’m just a fan of her recipes. Last night we tried the vegan chocolate chip recipe. I thought they were pretty good, kiddo did dump on cinnamon though. Must remember that if I ask a kid to sprinkle in a bit of something, they’ll probably dump it in. Ahh well cinnamon chocolate chip cookies aren’t that bad !

cookies, cakes and stuff

Happy Christmas Eve, eve!  If I can actually focus at work, I might be able to take a half day, that would be awesome.  Short of a present for a baby and two floral arrangements I think I actually finished Christmas shopping, truly shocking!

Has your office been filled with candy and treats for the last 3 weeks?  Mine has.   When you work at a radio station there always seems to be junk around (when you can’t eat it.)   When there are 6 radio stations the  junk quantity hits an epic level.    Yesterday I discovered this treasure in the breakroom:

One of the morning shows  in the building had it delivered.   This thing was like a  piece of art, I didn’t taste it, I just sort of ogled it.   Apparently it’s made of magic gingerbread.    This gorgeous creation helped inspire me when I got home.   I remembered at about 7:45p that I needed to make cookies for kiddo’s class.   Meh.   I totally took the lazy route.   Pillsbury sugar cookie roll.   Rolling pin.    Cookie cutters.   Bake.   Decorate.   Done:

They’re kind of sloppy but whatever, they’re just going to be eaten!  I can just hear the conversation now:

Teacher:  “Did you decorate these cookies for your mom?”

Kid: “No, my mom did those by herself.”

Teacher:  “Oh.”

Seriously, I need to start a craft fail, baking fail blog in the new year.

I’m considering giving myself a present(s) for the holiday, just need to decide which one.   Do I gift myself the Naked palette:

Or do I give myself this hand stamped bracelet?   I’ve been lusting after this since summer:


I know it’s kind of selfish to gift to myself, but I just thought I’d do something nice for me.    Both are about $50 so we’ll see.  Alright, wish me luck accomplishing that half day.