to be honest..

Late last year I started, what I call, the vegan experiment.  I thought I did pretty well.   I learned tons of new recipes, and really  felt better, then March came and exhaustion set in.   I upped my vitamins, I upped my protein rich veggies and beans, but I needed more, so I reintroduced eggs and some fish into my diet.  I felt better.  I’ve had a few tangos with meat,(chicken, pork) but I’ve always felt meh after.   I still want to head back to a vegan diet later this summer but for now I wanted to listen to my body.   Just thought I’d give a little heads up, you’ll understand when you see the recipe below.

I also needed to listen to my wallet, and when an 8 pound spiral ham showed up in my kitchen on Saturday I knew I couldn’t waste it.   8 pounds of ham.  Jeesh.   So the first night was just a ham meal.   Last night I used leftovers to create, what I think is, THE GREATEST QUICHE EVER!!!!!   My mom’s been using this recipe forever, and it always comes out perfectly.  Bonus, it’s stupid easy.


1c chopped ham

1/2c fresh spinach

1/2c shredded cheese

1/4c chopped onion

1c milk

1/2c Bisquick

2 eggs

1/4 tsp pepper


Heat oven to 400 degrees

Grease pie plate (8″ round)

Mix fillings, onions and cheese in pie plate

Beat remaining ingredients until smooth and pour over fillings in pie plate

Mix again

Bake 40 minutes (it will be finished when you stick a knife or fork into quiche and silverware comes out clean)

Serves 4

Approximate Calories per serving: 215

Soooo good.  I switched up a few things.  I increased the amount of ham and spinach and added an extra egg because I didn’t have an 8″ round pie plate.  I also used green onions.  Still came out pretty well!

I love that my glass dish looks disgusting straight outta the oven.  I swear it was clean when it went in!!

my abs hurt..

…and it feels so good.  In all honesty there is no greater feeling than abs that ache the day after a good workout….thank you pilates!  I wish I could say that I am the epitome of fitness, but sadly it’s simply a week where I’ve decided to become active again.   I have issues, to say the least, with working out and fitness in general.  I’m certainly not making myself any promises with this latest burst of activity…but I’ll smile everytime I shift and feel the pain in my abs.

This has to be at least the tenth blog I’ve started.  I was a faithful myspace blogger, but as I’m slowly retreating from the land of me space, so too is my blogging on the space.  Does anyone ready my blogs?  No, not really.  Does anyone care what I have to say?  No, not really.   Would it be cool if I had a faithful following?  Absolutely, but even I am not jaded enough to buy into that.   I don’t know why I like to “blog” (I seriously hate that word) but I find it calming, and that suits me just fine.

I made a seriously dreadful dinner tonight.  I am blessed with a loving man who is more than happy to cook amazing meals for me, but I know deep down inside he wishes I was a redheaded Racheal Ray.  I decided to attempt a yummy meal, and it turned out to be several plates of tough bland ick.  I’ll let him stick to cooking for now and I’ll simply taste.

Alright, it’s Reiki time….there is no other way to drift off to sleep…I’ll save my Reiki|Energy Healing|Relaxation obsession for another time.