carrot soup & sparkle pencil holders

I took the morning off  to start finish Christmas shopping and do some fun stuff around the house.  Because I skipped out on work I had time to prep for a fabulous recipe that really required no prep at all, Carrot-Apple-Ginger Soup via Oh She Glows. Oh my goodness, this was amazing. The recipe (at the link above) was easy – peasy and so delicious. I forgot to pick up vegetable stock, but my forgetfulness meant I had the opportunity to make my own veggie stock from scratch with this little guide.

I can’t stress enough how easy the Carrot Apple Ginger recipe was.   Bonus that it yielded leftovers.  One went straight into manfriend’s tummy and the other is waiting to hit mine at lunch tomorrow. So good. We subbed nutmeg for some ground clover (manfriend is allergic to nutmeg) but it was still delicious!


Make this recipe this week. It’s so easy, and delicious doesn’t begin to describe it.

Alright, moving on to super important stuff.

I always find a ton of interesting visitors to my little corner of the web via incredible searches. “MAC ASS SCRATCHER” is my all time favorite.   Still don’t know what post this leads to.

Today I found a ton of visits to my blog for “how to make a sparkly pencil
holder,” which isn’t shocking given my sparkly obsession, but I’ve never made a sparkly pencil holder, well till today! While doing an extreme clean in my basement I discovered an empty can and had some inspiration come about.  I grabbed the boring old can and some clear and multi-colored sparkles and got down to bizness.


I took the basic clear crystals and placed them around the can.  When a wrap of clear crystals was finished I would start a new line with a colored crystal in a random location.

I’d then follow the colored crystal with a long series of clear crystals, and if the mood struck me a random hit of colored crystal, and so on and so forth.


When it was all finished up I ended up with this:


I wasn’t in need of a pencil holder so I turned this into a makeup brush holder.   I’m still not quite craft-abled, but this wasn’t horrific!   A fun little project to clear out over the holidays, and I’m sure yours will be far prettier than mine!   🙂

pin it, do it. buttons & paint

I mentioned last week that I’m a massive Pinterest addict, but I pin a lot of things without ever doing them. Well I got one done.

I thought this button tree was too adorable:

Source: via ashallann on Pinterest

So I made my own little version.


Then I made some more,

I know, I’m not the most artistic person in the world, my “talent” peaked a long time ago, but this was really relaxing.   I just used watercolor for two of the trees and crayon for the other two.   Then just went button glueing crazy.   I managed to sparkle a few of the trees up too.   Kiddo even joined in and made his own button tree.   If you’re looking for a relaxing little creation time, give this a whirl.   I’m definitely going to try this again with heavier paint and a finer brush.

Oh, and I actually purchased buttons for this because I didn’t have large quantities of buttons laying around (does anyone?) So I stopped into JoAnn’s, which was a madhouse, and picked up a big bulk container of buttons for $6.   I’ll definitely be able to use these for mending too.

Alright, let’s see what I tackle next from my list of pins to do!