extreme makeover: desk edition, part 2

Last spring I “made over” my cube space. I was tired of staring at red felt and gray metal so I girrrrrld it up a bit. I love it but as we head into winter I wanted to freshen up the spring look with something a bit subdued. Also my desk area was destroyed so I figured I’d clean and re-do


I wanted to use browns and turquoise this time so I broke into a scrapbooking paper boom (I use this for everything but scrapbooking)


I combined the brown scrapbook paper with sparkly blue paper and got to work. I needed the Hint water for motivation 🙂


I love how the combo ended up working out.


Even looks good with my crown lamp.


Full view


Now let’s see how long I can try to keep it neat.

extreme makeover: desk edition

At my office I have two desks.   One is an on air desk, a studio:

The other desk is my real desk and it is often a DISASTER:

I feel like I’m always dealing with a paper pile up, I usually tolerate it for a few weeks before it becomesridiculous (ie picture above) and then must resolve the situation.   I caved on Friday and cleaned up my mess:

Yay, neat.   But I didn’t feel like stopping there.   I wanted to make it a little bit more me.   I know it’s just a desk, but I’ve felt like “girling” it up for awhile now and decided to bite the bullet.   I used my fab new teacup as my glamspiration:

A few trips to Staples and Michael’s and I was ready to go.  The first step was to cover up the red background on my desk.   I wanted to get a glam floral feel going and Michael’s had just the way to do it.   This scrapbook paper book had tons of fun floral patterns:

Add in some glitter and we’re ready to go:

I purchased the glitter paper in three colors, the above pinkish-purple, green, and turquoise to correspond with the patterns in the scrapbook paper book.   I cut each square glitter piece in half:

And covered the red portion of my desk with a sandwiched glitter, pattern, glitter design:

I blocked them out in matching color pieces (2 a piece)

and kept going

This is the final product:

It feels good to have a clean PRETTY desk!

Yay!   So glad my pretty little teacup from my aunt gave me this inspiration:

Oh, can we talk about the fabulous little handout SEFCU had at an event I went to the other night?  Strawberry lip gloss.  It’s amazing I’m seriously obsessed!   If you’re ever looking for a great little freebie to get the word out about your business go with lip gloss!

So back to desk makeovers.   Have you ever redecorated your desk space?  Would LOVE to see your pics!!