let it shine

Blah, blah, blah I like to sparkle things, blah, blah.   I made a fab picture frame over the weekend, pretty cheap.   While wandering through Michael’s looking for glue I stumbled upon their unfinished wood products.   From letters to shelves they have tons of stuff, including super cheap picture frames.  I think it was under $2.    So I turned this:

Into this:

It’s super easy.   Frame + glue + paintbrush + sparkles = sparkly things.   Done.    Now I’m not saying I’m amazing, but I think this looks pretty cool.   If this was sitting on a shelf at Pier One you know there are some ladies who would pay $ for this.  Not saying I’m selling anything, I just thought it looked pretty decent.  Anyway,  I decided to put this up at work (still need to find a good picture to put in it) and tossed this sparkled up wreath thing too:

Hey, you can’t have too many crystals!  I started on an unfinished wood mirror too, decided to jewel tone that out.  One color sparkles look way better, but it’s given me a few ideas:

I’ve got a whole tub of shine here so who knows what I’ll sparkle up next:

i’m a sparkle addict

It all started innocently enough.   I decided to sparkle some headphones.   I’m a dj, I use them everyday, I like sparkle, what’s the harm right?

I took a break for awhile, but when winter rolled around I got the urge to make things sparkly again.  I reinvented a can to add a little sparkle to my makeup brushes:

Then I got into making sparkly headbands.

After that it all went downhill.  I mean, hello, I gemmed out a can to put lollipops in at my desk (although it is fitting)

I sparkled an Easter egg last weekend:

For the past few weekends I’ve been slowly working on this.  That would be a mid progress bejeweled wreath.   Yes.  wreath.   The tackiest thing ever.

IT’S OFFICIAL, I have a problem with sparkles.

I make these things, not because I’m really hoping to have the gaudiest wreath on my door (seriously, that thing will never see the light of day) but because it relaxes me.   Making things sparkly is essentially a kindergarten craft project, and sometimes after a week of crazy time at work, running around with the kid and manfriend, I like to take an hour to sit with a glass of wine and glue jewels to stuff.   Well, I suppose the glass of wine could explain the crazier creations, but still it’s like a sparkly mandala.  If I’m lucky enough to become a little old lady I won’t have a house full of cats, I’ll have a house full of sparkles.

if i had a million dollars – sparkly gloves

It’s January.  I live in NY.   It’s mother-scratchin’ cold.   For whatever reason gloves disappear in my house. Are they flying to West Palm to escape the cold?   Lying in a frigid forgotten corner of a parking lot?  I don’t know, but I’m constantly searching|buying gloves for the kid and myself.

I’ve been on a gem habit.  It’s actually pretty bad, but that’s a completely separate blog post to come.   I’m just really into making things have more sparkle.   I attempted to make my own sparkly set of gloves but that just sucked because I’m crappy at crafting.  Instead I turned to the interwebs in search of my blinged out gloves and it turns out I need to save up for the things I want!

These Prada gloves are amazing, on sale for $300 (hahahahha, sale and $300)

Or these adorable J. Crew jeweled gloves (cashmere and everything)  usually avail around $165:

These Christian Lacroix bejeweled gloves are so badass I can’t even find a price.   Love, love, love:

I came across these on my interwebs search.  Obviously not for winter wear, but some pretty fab boxing gloves:

Oh, and if you don’t have a million dollars sitting in your bank account and can’t blow $100 on gloves, check out this amazing DIY I stumbled upon on Pinterest, it’s from P.S. I made this which is probably my new favorite website.   I think this will be my next craft fail: