if i had a million dollars – world’s most expensive dress

If you’ve already found the perfect little black dress it’s time to upgrade to the world’s most expensive dress…if you’ve got about $5 million laying around.

The dress, created by Debbie Wingham, weighs almost 30 pounds and has 25 two carat black diamonds on the dress, diamonds along the shoulder line and further down the skirt and then another set of 25 two carat black diamonds on the shrug!  Oh it’s also sewn with gold thread.  I’d imagine you’d need an army of bodyguards to head to cocktail hour in this dress.

 I could see Mamatoga sporting something fabulous like this. 

You can learn more about the black diamond dress at the designer’s website, you know in case you need a million dollar dress for your next big event 🙂 .   If you do end up finding a place to wear the black diamond dress, don’t forget to pair it with the black diamond nail polish.  You’ll have $5 million on your body and $250k on your hands.  No need to accessorize!

that never happens

This week has been, interesting.   Eye opening is perhaps the best way to put it. It’s as if I have a million things running through my head, but at the same time just one thing.   I know that sounds insane, but that’s why this week has just drained me.    The last thing I wanted to do was go shopping last night but I needed to find a formal dress for an event this weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, I normally love shopping.  My co-workers joke that I should become their personal shopper, but when it comes to fancy stuff I always fall flat. I was dreading an evening of self-loathing and trying stuff on (I know I’m an excellent entry for #whitewhine.)

Sidenote, I always dress wrong for shopping, yesterday I had on boots, a dress, a belt, sweater over that and a scarf.  The perfect shopping attire is flip flops, jeans, t-shirt…but I never remember that!!!

I ran to Macy’s hoping that the perfect dress would jump out at me, and thank goodness it DID!!!  Seriously, that never happens.   It was also on clearance.  Score!!   Better yet I knew it would be manfriend approved (not too quirky.)  I hit the formal dress trifecta!

Black lace top, ribbon bottom, floor length, but doesn’t feel too prom-y.  I also have the perfect necklace to make it a little more over the top.   Love.  This.  Dress.   Just need to get an inch chopped at the bottom but the tailor’s already working on it.

How long does it usually take you to find a dress?  I really can’t believe I lucked out, thank you Macy’s!!!!!!