minty fresh

I discovered an Etsy shop at a craft fair.  Slightly backwards, right?    I was wandering through a sea of crocheted and sparkled items over the weekend when I spotted a table full of lotions, soaps and homemade body sprays and hot hooked.   For $6 I walked away with this amazing peppermint lotion:

I’ve been obsessed with it all week, the scent is just right (not overpowering at all) the texture of the lotion is perfection, I’ve been pushing it on my co-workers in my cube all week.   I’m so glad I found this shop, I’m definitely picking more up for the holidays.   Euphoria Soap is the name of the shop and there’s tons of goodies in there.   Hello , Fat Girls Delight Soap?  I would totally want to eat this in the shower!

Got a favorite etsy shop?  Would love to hear about it!   How did you discover them?

cookies, cakes and stuff

Happy Christmas Eve, eve!  If I can actually focus at work, I might be able to take a half day, that would be awesome.  Short of a present for a baby and two floral arrangements I think I actually finished Christmas shopping, truly shocking!

Has your office been filled with candy and treats for the last 3 weeks?  Mine has.   When you work at a radio station there always seems to be junk around (when you can’t eat it.)   When there are 6 radio stations the  junk quantity hits an epic level.    Yesterday I discovered this treasure in the breakroom:

One of the morning shows  in the building had it delivered.   This thing was like a  piece of art, I didn’t taste it, I just sort of ogled it.   Apparently it’s made of magic gingerbread.    This gorgeous creation helped inspire me when I got home.   I remembered at about 7:45p that I needed to make cookies for kiddo’s class.   Meh.   I totally took the lazy route.   Pillsbury sugar cookie roll.   Rolling pin.    Cookie cutters.   Bake.   Decorate.   Done:

They’re kind of sloppy but whatever, they’re just going to be eaten!  I can just hear the conversation now:

Teacher:  “Did you decorate these cookies for your mom?”

Kid: “No, my mom did those by herself.”

Teacher:  “Oh.”

Seriously, I need to start a craft fail, baking fail blog in the new year.

I’m considering giving myself a present(s) for the holiday, just need to decide which one.   Do I gift myself the Naked palette:

Or do I give myself this hand stamped bracelet?   I’ve been lusting after this since summer:


I know it’s kind of selfish to gift to myself, but I just thought I’d do something nice for me.    Both are about $50 so we’ll see.  Alright, wish me luck accomplishing that half day.

etsy ring love

I’m on the search for a fantastic everyday ring as my fingers feel naked.  I’ve become an etsy stalker as of late because I didn’t realize how much amazing stuff was on there ! I’ll be the chick who sounds out of touch but I always thought etsy was like knit stuff and crafts, not that that’s bad-it’s just not my style.   There are soooo many amazing things (I can’t get any more detailed than things there’s so much stuff) on etsy!

Love this ring, and love that the seller is from Tampa!  Definitely on the top of my list.  FYI they’re stackable letters, they don’t come together:

Look at how cool this Citizen’s Watch ring is!!!  I wish I knew what size it came in so I could see if it would fit my chubby fingers!

This dictionary ring is my love right now, but I know it won’t fit my chubby size 8 😦

Perfect spring ring!

and tell me what coffee fiend wouldn’t loooove this little java ring??