if i had a million dollars – $13k moisturizer

Moisturizer for $13,000.   There it is.   Cle de Peau Beaute is releasing a limited edition moisturizer, available this September for a price higher than gold.   For 13k I would hope there’s gold in it, and an aesthetician who comes out and gives you a facial whenever you’d like.    Apparently the high cost of the moisturizer is due to the packaging.   Why use plastic when you can put it in crystal and platinum:

If you’d still like to experience the world’s most expensive moisturizer, Barney’s will apparently have the goods available for about $780 this fall, but no fancy packaging.   No crystal for you.

More amazing than the price tag is the commercial for the moisturizing cream.  Apparently if you buy it you’ll be able to make sexy eyes like Amanda Seyfried, oh and your skin might look good too.  Check out the video below:


if i had a million dollars – blinged out starbucks

Spotted on Pinterest, the most amazing Starbucks cup ever:

Caffeine.   Sparkles.   If I had a million dollars I’d be allll over this.   I wish I knew the origin of this awesomeness.   I’ll just go ahead and assume it’s expensive.

The world’s most expensive shirt is also the most boring


I suppose it’s only fair that the world’s most expensive shirt is for men, women usually get the “most expensive” shoes, dresses, makeup, etc.  

At first glance I don’t quite get the appeal of this insanely priced shirt but when you go through the stats…the $47,000 price tag starts to make sense.

The shirt is an Eton of Sweden shirt, custom made to commemorate their 80th anniversary.    The shirt is made from egyptian cotton, and is adorned with diamond studs and cufflinks.    Apparently even men have the need to scream “I’m making more money than you!” with their clothing.

Femalefirst writes that the world’s most expensive (and slightly boring looking) shirt will be auctioned off in the spring.  

Seriously, if you’re going to make a crazy shirt, throw some color in there, maybe some rubies….a white color shirt with diamonds is sooooo white collar boring.