obsessed much?

I carry A LOT of crap in my purse.  At any given time there’s easily a pair of studio headphones, books, full makeup, hair ties, socks, toys, snacks, a girls gotta be prepared.  Oh and if your emergency situation ever calls for cocktail rings, hit me up.   As I delved into the abyss of my bag this evening here’s what I discovered:

Ooh a cocktail ring, aww and it’s purple, how fun!

Oh, another cocktail ring, with a chain, that’s kind of fiercey:

Ooooh, my owl ring…LOVE this one!

Oh, wow…I had four in here…that’s weird…

Oh, wow, five…this is the one I can use as a weapon:

Ok, now this is just ridiculous:

SIX cocktail rings?   Who needs this much gawdy bling?  Apparently I do.   Do you have any weird stuff you carry in your purse?  Do you have any weird stuff x 6 you carry in your purse?