if heidi klum is “fat” what does that make me?

Heidi Klum is that rare breed of celebrity that is goregous, insanely successful, and incredibly likeable.   C’mon, admit it…when you’ve seen Heidi on Project Runway you want to be her Tim Gunn kind of  friend.   Everybody loves Heidi Klum…well everyone except folks in the fashion industry.  

Wolfgang Joop, a German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld and other fashion insiders have basically called Klum heavy, unknown, and short!!!   WTF, that’s like saying Katherine Hepburn should have been in commercials.

Heidi Klum has “responded” by appearing nekkid and goregous on Germany’s GQ in March.


Seriously I’m just going to go hit up the KFC drive-thru right now, if Heidi Klum is considered “too large” for anything, no diet will EVER get me ahead 🙂