flip flops – no bueno

We wandered down to the city yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous out. When manfriend or I usually go to the city it’s for work or drinking to see friends quick. Because kiddo joined us we got to do everything !

Wandered around the Central Park Zoo


Went to museums, saw every inch of the Natural History Museum. Hung out under the whale :


While taking pics of random things, I noticed I tend to also get some amazing pics of strangers :



I also selected awful footwear. I’ve worn flip flops all over the city before, yesterday it destroyed my feet


Sidenote, totally obsessed with this mint sprint Sally Hansen polish. I’m green obsessed !


buy one get one flip flops!

I love flip flops!   I would spend all year in them if I could.   When I lived in Florida I spent 90% of my time in flip flops, I’m a flip flop fanatic.   Sadly I can’t war flip flops in the office at my current job but there’s always the weekend!   I usually pick up a pair or two of cheap flip flops at the start of summer.   CVS has a great deal right now (for extra care card users) on buy one get one flip flops.   It appeared to extend to the entire flip flop collection (except for doggers) in the store.  These are definitely inexpensive flippies but don’t think that they’re the hard plastic uncomfortables ones.  I picked up these on Friday:

2 pairs of sandals for $8.98 !  I love these, I think they’re super comfy.

I really like the detail on the top:

Don’t forget, CVS for BOGO flip flops!

Are you a flip flop person or do you hate them?