i ate this weekend

Everything. 2 hour workouts every day twice a day this week will be required to work off this weekend.

Saturday we started out at Plum Blossom in Troy.  If you’ve never bee, GO!!!  All I wanted was chicken and broccoli (even though I feel guilty ordering something so simple there) and tea, lots of tea:


I was highly amused by the fortune I recived…who will it be??


After lunch kiddo and I took a trip to Hoffman’s Playland (for non 518 readers this is a small amusement park with smaller rides, it’s kind of a local tradition, for some, to visit in the summertime.)   Despite the rainy afternoon we managed to hit the good rides including the Paratrooper ! We love that ride (what’s your fave?)

hoffmans playland.jpg

Today manfriend was craving More Perreca’s so off we went ! Kicked off the morning with a cappuccino (for $1.95, suck it Starbucks)


I devoured a frittata (which may not actually be a frittata, more on that in another blog) kiddo housed the pancakes and his dad inhaled an eggplant sammich, it was yum.


(I know, I know, there are CARBS all up in these plates)

more perrecas.jpg

More Perreca’s tip. We love this place but they keep it very cold inside, they have a beautiful patio space outside. If you tend to be a chilly person (temp not demeanor) try dining al fresco !

more perrecas patio.jpg

After our monster brunch we were craving ice from Civitello’s just across the way, but they’re closed on Sundays. 😦


We made the logical decision to head to Villa Italia for gelato


PB&chocolate, raspberry, and some other kind I can’t remember were enjoyed. We were stuffed!

We made one last food related trip after or brunch, to pick up a Keurig ! So excited we finally got one !

keurig coffee maker.jpg

I’ve got 60 k-cups to get us through the next month, if you’ve got any recommendations on coffee to try (and where to buy it cheap) lemme know !

I’m sure you’re feeling stuffed after reading about my eatfest. I’ll be sweating all week to make sure it doesn’t stick with me too long !

i ate this weekend

I literally ate the weekend away, wow.   My birthday is this Friday and one of my friends from work is celebrating her birthday today so some friends from work threw us a joint party this weekend.   We did hibachi and we did it big!

I kicked off the evening with a cocktail called the Hello Kitty 🙂

I did steak & swordfish and had fried rice for the 4th time in my life, I usually hate it but I definitely had some:

We did sake and my friends introduced me to a combo I never would have dreamed of, sake and chambord

Then there were the cakes.   Oh, the cakes, each of the birthday girls had one from Coccadotts !

Mine was strawberries & champagne:

My friend’s was red velvet:

It was a great night, I have awesome coworkers friends.    You would think I would’ve stopped the bad eating after Saturday night?  Noooooo!   We were in Schenectady yesterday, we’re rarely there, and when we drove by Villa Italia we decided to stop in for some amazing gelato:

That would be strawberry and peanut butter gelato, respectively.   Delish.

There was definitely a lot of outdoor time this weekend too to work off the calories, tennis, tag, walking and taking in the fact that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!