getting to know you

Getting to know you: the royal wedding
1. did you watch the royal wedding?
YES!  I didn’t get up at 5a (I live on the east coast) but I was up just in time to watch Kate make her way to Westminster Abbey.

2. tea and crumpets or coffee and a scone?
I did tea and scones (I know…they’re purple.)

3 who’s cuter..prince william or prince harry?
My first crush was for Prince William, but Prince Harry seems to have that bad boy thing going on, you know, in that royal way.
4. can you speak in a english accent?
I’ve done a few commercials with english accents, they’re not the best but they’re not the worst!

5. do you own a fancy hat?
I do, you can’t do Saratoga without a fancy hat, definitely will be bringing some English style to the track this season !

6. would you rather live in a castle or an english cottage?
An english cottage sounds quaint but I’d love to have a castle.

7. how old were you when prince charles and princess diana got married?  were you even born?
I had been born, I had just turned 1 so I don’t have any memory of that royal wedding.

8. have you found your prince?
I found my prince 11 years ago !

getting to know you

I’ve been experimenting with some fun blogging questionairres.   Tonight it’s GTKY Sunday.   Alrighty.

1. what’s something you’ve eaten and liked, but didn’t think you would?
Avocados!  I know that seems so strange, but I stayed away from avocados for years because I assumed I would hate them.   I was so wrong !
2. plastic surgery..yay or nay?
I think plastic surgery is fine, just don’t know if I’d have the guts…I’m scared of surgery.

3. 2 things you love about spring are…..?
My son’s birthday and lilacs!

4. when’s the last time you went on a picnic?
I don’t think I’ve ever been on a picnic, need to make that a must-do this summer !

5. what’s your favorite app?
Gin Rummy, helps me get to sleep.

6. who does the grocery shopping in your house?
Manfriend and I split the grocery shopping evenly.   We can’t stand grocery shopping together

7. would you rather take a spin class or zumba?

8. how often do you go out to dinner?
Rarely go out, but we do order in once a week.  Shout out to!