10 more things

Because sometimes I love 10 little moments to be selfish and think about sh*t I like.   Found via bakinginmybathingsuit.

1) Favorite Color: Gotta love the green!

2) Favorite Animal: I’ve also had a soft spot for penguins, I blame a trip to the Boston Aquarium (that’s what I call it) when I was 5.

3) Favorite Number: I don’t have a favorite number, I’m just not crazy about 13, trying to dial that down a bit.

4) Favorite (non-adult) drink:  Metromint water (try the lemon) or Diet Dr. Pepper

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.   Short.  Sweet.   Not too many pictures of uteruses, I’m down.

6) Passion:  Other than that whole manfriend or mother thing I suppose spotting celebs before they were famous in Sex and the City.   I should really keep a journal on this.

7) Giving or receiving presents?  I love giving gifts that people love and receiving compliments, wrong but true.

8) Favorite Pattern:  Is paisley back in yet?  I love a unique plaid.

9) Favorite Day: Saturdays or Sundays, not too much work and lots of family time, and Mad Men

10) Favorite Flower:  the kind that come in a large bouquet that make other people jealous.  Like this one, manfriend.  Or this one.   (I also like lilacs.)


flip flops – no bueno

We wandered down to the city yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous out. When manfriend or I usually go to the city it’s for work or drinking to see friends quick. Because kiddo joined us we got to do everything !

Wandered around the Central Park Zoo


Went to museums, saw every inch of the Natural History Museum. Hung out under the whale :


While taking pics of random things, I noticed I tend to also get some amazing pics of strangers :



I also selected awful footwear. I’ve worn flip flops all over the city before, yesterday it destroyed my feet


Sidenote, totally obsessed with this mint sprint Sally Hansen polish. I’m green obsessed !