“fashion” at a hallween store

I’m using the term fashion pretty loosely here.   The kid wanted to check out one of those pop up Halloween stores over the weekend so we went to Halloween Spirit.  While he went off to check out zombie masks and pirate stuff I wandered through to drink it alllll in, and made a few unique finds.

1.  Shoes

These aren’t Manolos, but some of the larger Halloween stores have a pretty unique selection of shoes.   If you’re looking for a one of a kind pair (navy boots with gold trim) they may have what you’re looking for.

2.  Jewelry

Because Target doesn’t carry Peg Bundy gauged pearls, the Halloween stores cater to just about every look you could possibly imagine.  From dominatrix to 50’s housewife.

3.  Angry Birds attire

In case anyone has a burning desire to sport their favorite time killing app, just an FYI.

4. Superman Socks with capes

Need I say more?  SUPERMAN KNEESOCKS WITH CAPES…adorable (especially for runners.)   They also had batman kneesocks with capes.

5.  Legwarmers

Yes, it’s part of a sexy monster costume, but if you’ve been looking to complete some sort of updated Flashdancer look I’ve found your legwarmers.   They do look cozy.

6.  Sunglasses

Because your sunglasses aren’t badass enough without a ‘stache.

So there you have it.  A little taste of fashion from the Halloween store.   Of course there’s TONS of awesome Halloween stuff.  I’ll admit this costume made me pause:

Sexy Chucky?  Really?    Made me laugh, and I got totally sucked in by their displays:

Ghost Girl Display (complete with dead flamingo)

Exorcist Display

Happy ridiculously early Halloween!

another halloween in the books

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year it was as if it was a four day festivity!   We had a little office Halloween party on Friday, I made buried alive cupcakes again, delicious:

The weekend held some more activities  and, of course, the random October snowstorm.   Our poor little pumpkin:

Today was a mad dash to get through the day and rush home to get the kiddo out for trick or treating.   A few of us dressed up at the office.   My friend Charlie showed off her AMAZING owl costume, she made this thing.   How awesome is it?

Genius !

Before picking the little one up from school I had to make a candy stop for trick or treaters.   I always wait till the last minute with the hopes that the candy will be on clearance.   That never happens.   Is it me or was candy insanely expensive this year?   I grabbed 2 bags of decent candy and dropped close to $20!   WTF?!  Every decent sized bag of candy seemed to be a $7.99 minimum.   One of the bags was a medley of Junior Mints, Dots (meh) and Junior Caramels.   I’m a caramel fiend and was excited to try ’em:

DISGUSTING!   Ugh, it was like a fruity Junior Mint with old caramel you would’ve found at the bottom of your grandma’s candy jar.   I’ve never seen these before but I know I’ll be dodging them as I devour  pick at the  Halloween candy over the next week.




How fantastic is this costume:?

Manfriend and I tend to get a little caught up overthinking Halloween costumes to the point where we just give up.   This Christmas Story lamp and packaging costume is perfect.   Thank you to the greatest website ever, shefinds, for posting about it yesterday.   October isn’t even here till the weekend, but have you thought of your costume yet?

I can’t believe I’ve neglected my little corner of the web so badly, we’ve just been busy at work, in life, and a blog will easily fall by the wayside.    We had some amazing vacations, and some breathtaking day trips to wrap up the summer.    I love Boston more than I can begin to describe and manfriend’s knowledge of the most exquisite little hideaways, in towns I’ve never even heard of , were always fun to explore.

Happy almost October !