sparkly mic

I’ve sparkled headphones, eggs, frames, bags so the next logical thing was a microphone, right?

Yes, I know I’m a dj, not a diva, but I’ve always thought that crystalized mics singers use on stage are awesome, and I’m not about to drop $700 on something that simply amuses me, so I made my own!

Here’s what you’ll need.   A microphone (I used a wired mic, not wireless) &  self adhesive sparkles.

Stick all over, and voila!  Sparkly mic:

This isn’t a mic I could use every day in the studio, but once in awhile if I’m doing my show somewhere.

Too much?

So if you’ve got a need for a sparkly mic (you’re in a band or you’ve got a little one who likes to pretend they’re Carrie Underwood) this is a really easy DIY.  Happy sparkling!

sparkly headphones continue

I get into “things”. Making necklaces, mandalas, and now I like to tacky up a pair of headphones. Last week I experimented sparkling out a pair of my headphones:


I decided to try it again over the weekend. White headphones seem to work best, here’s where they’re at:


I made pretty much every surface sparkle:


I was going for a bluebird theme (there’s even a sparkly bluebird that clips to the cord.)



I love making these so much I’m looking for an excuse to make more ! Do you think if I did a giveaway for a custom pair people would be interested ? You don’t need to be a dj to rock an awesome sparkly pair of headphones ! Lemme know what you think, I need an excuse to sparkle again 🙂

Oh, total sidenote, the above blueish headphones totally remind me of the design of the Rainbow Ride at Great Escape:



headphone makeover !

I think I’ve established that my everyday job is in radio.   If you’re going to be a dj there are two things you must bring to work each day, 1) your voice 2) your headphones.    Headphones are a necessity for radio peeps so we can hear what we’re saying when we turn on the microphone, it also helps drown out unwanted people in your studio 🙂 .

I fell in love with the headphones I swear by about 3 years ago, they’re Panasonics, I LOOOOOVE them.  I’m sure some hardcore radio folks would say they sound sucky or it’s wrong to wear them, well suck it, I like ’em!

A few weeks ago I found a pair of crystal headphones that I was lusting after, sadly they are $530, I would never spend that much.   Cute Ella made the suggestion to bling my own.   So I did!

I have an extra pair that I use at my desk for editing audio or listening to Justin Bieber Britney Spears  Lou Bega important things.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to attempt to cover them in crystals so I stopped in at Michael’s and purchased a few packets of stick on crystals ($2.49 a package)

I tried to start sticking the crystals in a very specific way:

But after gem number 1 it sort of took on a life of it’s own:

Kinda looks like a disco ball, right?  JUST what I was going for!!!

I was pretty happy with the final product.   I thought they looked decent, considering I put the gems on !

I can smile in ’em:

I I can scream in ’em !

I’m excited about the gemmed up headphones, but what do you think?   Do you have something at work that you do/use that you put your own special mark on?