what lurks in the phone

Most of the pics I post on this here bloggy are from my iPhone (digital cameras like to break on me) but I thought this was a cute little link up. What else is lurking in my phone from the last week?

Did some coloring with the kid at religion. It’s St. Nick


Enjoyed the christmas decor at Kimberly’s


Don’t think I’ve seen a feather wreath before but I like !


Fooled around with a pic of manfriend and I


Enjoyed some VIP seating with work friends at the holiday party (right next to the buffet)


And partied at Club Element


tis the season

Hello Friday, you look fabulous.   It’s been, shall we say, a week.   Looking forward to our company holiday party this evening.   I’m excited to break out the little black sequin dress and shoes and have a nice night with manfriend.   Work will definitely be tricky, it’s going to be one of those days where I fight the temptation to turn on my mic and go:


I guarantee every dj has had to fight that urge before.   I really love my job, it’s just one of those days.  Honestly it doesn’t matter where we work or what we do, we all fight those temptations sometimes, don’t we?

It’s been holiday card mania at home.  I had mine to do, manfriend has to do them for his clients, there’s literally 10 boxes of cards in the living room, it’s a holiday paper mess.   But thankfully I’M DONE!   I need to get to the post office stat because I have a confession…

Every year I buy Christmas cards.  I write them.   I address them.  I stamp them, then I get sidetracked and forget to mail them.   Every.  Damn.  Year.   But not this one.  They’re going out today.   I’m also looking forward to being a part of a Holiday Card Swap that Krystal clued me into/co-organizes.   Post office here I come, ADD stay quiet.